Supreme Court rejects Google appeal in class action lawsuit from advertisers

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from Google to throw out a class action lawsuit from California advertisers. Those advertisers are alleging that by not informing them that ads pu

Oracle CEO claims it discounted Java by 97.5% to beat out Android on Amazon’s Paperwhite

Oracle and Google continue to fight it out in a retrial over $9 billion that Oracle claims Google owes it for using its Java code in its popular Android mobile platform. And in the process, we&#8217

Innovating In A World Of Patent Lawsuits

Apple seems to get caught in lots of patent fights. Since 2009, Nokia has sued Apple (they settled), Apple has sued HTC (they settled), Kodak sued Apple (Kodak is appealing), Motorola Mobility sued Ap

Jawbone Files Countersuit Against Fitbit In “Frivolous” Patent Infringement Case

The war continues apace in the world of wearable fitness trackers. Jawbone — which makes fitness trackers, speakers and Bluetooth headsets — has filed a counterclaim against Fitbit in a p

Worry About The State More Than The Church

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Jay Kirsch is the President of AOL’s Business, Technology & Entertainment Group, which includes properties such as TechCrunch, Engadget, Autoblog, DailyFinance and Movi

CNET Now Forbidden To Review Aereo, The TV Service In Active Litigation With CBS

John P. Falcone over at CBS-owned CNET posted a quick piece on Aereo, the TV-over-Internet startup that is giving broadcasters fits. <a target="_blank" href="

Russian Railways Sues Apple Over Trademark Infringement Online In The Apple Store

Europe's state railways continue to pick up steam in their lawsuits against <a target="_blank" href="">Apple</a>. Today, it emerged that Russian Railways has <a target="_blank" hre

Oatmeal Studios Responds To The Oatmeal Lawsuit: “We Are Simply Trying To Protect Our Name”

After we asked for clarification this morning, Oatmeal Studios has released a brief statement regarding their <a href="

3Taps Files Countersuit, Says Craigslist Is Anticompetitive. ‘We Just Want To Use Data Without Fear Of Being Sued’

Craigslist may have a peace sign as part of its logo, but the war over its data continues. As TechCrunch <a href="

3Taps Is Planning To File A Countersuit Against Craigslist Tomorrow, Citing Antitrust Laws And Uncompetitive Behavior

The legal fight between mega-listings site <a target="_blank" href="">Craigslist</a> and third parties that have used its data in their own applications looks like it is takin

The Oatmeal To Charles Carreon: “Come Back When You’ve Calmed Down”

The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman wrote an open letter to the lawyer who has been <a href="">

Cartoonist’s Lawyer Responds To FunnyJunk: The Oatmeal Will Not Cave

It's on now. Matthew Inman at the The Oatmeal has hired a crackerjack lawyer, Venkat Balasubramani, who sent a <a target="_blank" href="

TheOatmeal Fights Back Against Troll Lawyer

<a target="_blank" href="">TheOatmeal</a> is a great web comic featuring funny birthday cards, wacky bear sex, and other merriment. It's drawn by Matthew Inman and is great. Now,

Startups Vs. Startups: App Developer Gets Sued By Lightbank-Backed WhosHere

So here's a story that hopefully will be an eye-opener for entrepreneurs and startups, while providing a painful peek into trademark harassment and the importance of due diligence. It goes a little so

Hasbro Goes After Blogger In IP Theft Case

You'd never think that the world of Nerf guns and dart shooters was so intense, but Hasbro apparently sued a blogger for leaking information about unreleased Nerf products he found on Chinese marketpl

Facebook Patents Developing: A Lawsuit From Mitel; More Patent Applications From AOL, Others

For those who may have thought that last week's patent lawsuit filed by Yahoo against Facebook was a one-off, here are some developments that indicate that we may be seeing more of this to come: Fa

Aereo Responds To Broadcasters’ Lawsuit: Your Position Does Not Have “Any Merit”

Barely two weeks ago, Erick was on hand at a news conference in which Barry Diller and company presented IAC's latest media-tech investment -- a startup called <a href="">Aereo</

Pirate Parties Organizing Lawsuit Against FBI Over Megaupload Takedown

<a href="">The Megaupload troubles</a> make for interesting discussion because there is much to be said on both sides. Whether the illegal aspects of the net

The Shareholder Pitchforks Are Out For Netflix

Armed with pitchforks and hindsight, class action lawyers are gathering up mobs of angry shareholders who lost money and going after the company. Earlier this week a <a href="

Michael Robertson Gets A Cease & Desist From Univision For, His “TiVo For Radio”

<a href="">Michael Robertson</a> is no stranger to legal threats from the music industry. The founder of fought a <a href="http://en.wikipedi
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