Lyft Will Pay $12.25M To Settle Worker Classification Lawsuit In California

Lyft said today that it agreed to pay $12.25 million to settle a pending worker classification lawsuit in California, but it will continue to classify its drivers as independent contractors, not emplo

Mighty Is A Funding Platform For Personal Injury Lawsuits

As anyone who has ever been in court knows, lawsuits are often a long, tedious process. This is especially true with lengthy personal injury litigation, during which the injured party is often unable

Amazon Files Suit Against Individuals Offering Fake Product Reviews On

In April of this year, Amazon filed suit against the operators of websites that offered Amazon sellers the ability to purchase fake, four and five-star reviews of their products. Most of those website

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Twitter Of ‘Listening In’ On Your Direct Messages

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Twitter is the target of a class action lawsuit having to do with how private direct messages are treated on the service. While it’s quite obvious that t

Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit In California Over Alleged Labor Violations Affecting 20K Employees

While Apple today reported its quarterly earnings, another group seized the moment to push out another bit of Apple-related news. The company is being sued in a class-action suit over a series of alle

Apple, Google, Intel And Adobe Settle Antitrust Lawsuit Over No-Hire Agreement

Four of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies have settled an antitrust lawsuit brought against them over a shared no-hire agreement that prevented poaching employees from one company by anoth

Twitter Files For Lawsuits In Turkish Courts To Challenge The Country’s Access Ban

Twitter has just announced that it has formally joined the cause of those defending use of its service in Turkey, by filing petitions for lawsuits in a number of Turkish courts after working with its

Move and National Association of Realtors Sue Zillow After It Poached Former President Of

Move, the company behind real estate sites like and, and the National Association of Realtors today filed a lawsuit against Zillow and its recently hired chief industry developm Files Counterclaim Against JustFab, Says JustFab Is A “Predatory” Bargain Clothing Peddler

The latest chapter in the legal dispute between online retailers and JustFab is unfolding. In July 2013, JustFab <a href="

Federal Jury Orders Motorola Mobility To Pay Microsoft $14.5 Million In Patent Case

A federal jury has found Motorola Mobility failed to license standard patents at a reasonable rate and ordered the Google-owned handset maker to pay Microsoft about $14.5 million in damages. This is t

Apple Appears In Court In China To Defend Against Siri Patent Infringement Claim

Apple is in court again in China, defending another of its products from attack based on pre-existing claims from a Chinese company. This time around it's Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, that has lan

Judge Cuts $450M From Apple’s $1B Damages Decision Against Samsung, Orders Second Trial

Apple's landmark $1 billion damages award over Samsung has been partially vacated by presiding judge Lucy Koh, FOSS Patents reports. The judge has orders just north of $450 million be struck from the

‘Silly Sideshow’ Suit Against Apple Over Shareholder Vote Dropped By Greenlight’s David Einhorn

David Einhorn has dropped the suit filed against Apple over a proposal the company intended to bring to a vote at its shareholder meeting this past week, Bloomberg reports. The proposal included a pro

Apple Adds Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III Mini And Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 To California Patent Lawsuit

In ongoing legal proceedings in California, Apple has added six new devices to its patent infringement claims against rival Samsung, getting them in late Friday evening ahead of a deadline on changes

Court Adds iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 10.1 And Galaxy S III To Patent Lawsuit, Signals iPad Mini Could Be Added, Too

In an ongoing California court case between Apple and Samsung, a judge on Thursday granted the requests of both companies to add recently released hardware to the suit. The iPhone 5 is now included, a

Samsung Not Interested In HTC-Style Settlement With Apple, Exec Says

Samsung has "no intention" to follow the example of HTC and work out a settlement with legal and consumer tech rival Apple, according to Samsung Electronics Head of Mobile J.K. Shin. He said so to rep

Apple Looks To Add Jelly Bean, Galaxy Note 10.1 To Existing Samsung Lawsuit

Apple is hoping to add Samsung's latest tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to a list of product it claims infringe its patents in an existing court case in California, Bloomberg

Google Settles With Rosetta Stone Over Trademark Infringement Within Search And Ads Lawsuit

<a target="_blank" href="">According to Reuters</a>, Google has settled a lawsuit brought by software ma

Google Faces Potential Class-Action Lawsuit In Canada Over Gmail Privacy Concerns

Wayne Plimmer, a retiree living in Sechelt, British Columbia, <a target="_blank" href="">filed</a> a class a

Why Apple Being Sued Over Passbook Brings Back Unpleasant Memories Of Lodsys

Apple has been sued over Passbook, <a target="_blank" href="">newly discovered court documents
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