Rocket Lawyer Acquires LawPivot To Add A Quora-Like Q&A Platform To Online Legal Services Site

Online legal platform Rocket Lawyer is acquiring legal Q&A platform, <a target="_blank" href="">LawPivot</a>. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but we're told

Q&A Platform LawPivot Raises $1M; Launches Legal Services Marketplace

Google Ventures-backed <a href="">LawPivot</a> , a “Quora for legal advice," is announcing a $1 million round of additional seed funding from Vaizra Investments, Venture51,

Google Ventures-Backed LawPivot Opens Legal Q&A Platform To The Public

Google Ventures-backed <a href="">LawPivot</a> is blending a Q&A platform with legal advice for businesses, and allows technology companies and startups to confidentially

LawPivot Expands Q&A Site For Startup Legal Advice Nationwide

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Why I Don’t Buy the Quora Hype

<img src="" /> Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not writing this in my capacity as a university professor or researcher; I don’

Google Ventures Leads $600K Investment In LawPivot, A Quora For Startup Legal Advice

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