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Woot! Battery-powered lawn mower for $350

<img src="" alt="neuton" />Today only, over at, you can get the Neuton CE 6 b

Neuton battery-powered lawn mowers actually seem affordable

<img src="" alt="neuton" />This battery-powered lawn mower almost makes me wish I still had a lawn to mow. Almost. Vermont-based Neuton

‘Mowercycle’ looks pretty sweet, though it still doesn’t make me want to mow the lawn

Know what’s great about owning a home? Nothing. Just ask me, I used to own one. In retrospect, I should have just bought a gigantic hole and a cheap shovel and set aside a weekend to scoop five year

iRobot lawnmower patent discovered

Robot Stock News has discovered a patent by iRobot for a “Lawn Care Robot” similar to the company’s line of robotic vacuum cleaners. While robotic lawnmowers aren’t new, they’ve had a hell o