Fundable Acquires LaunchRock To Combine Crowdfunding And User Acquisition

<a target="_blank" href="">Fundable</a>, an equity crowdfunding platform for businesses (including startups), just <a target="_blank" href="

LaunchRock Aims To Cover All Your Launching Needs With App Deals, Video Production, And More

<a target="_blank" href="">LaunchRock</a> is a startup that helps other companies launch — it's best-known for putting up landing pages where beta users can sign up. Now, co-

LaunchRock CEO Unveils Big Revamp While Being Pelted With Garbage

<a target="_blank" href="">LaunchRock</a>, the company that helps other startups acquire customers, is announcing a new, more customizable version of its service today. The

LaunchRock Acquires Giftiki, Collaborative Gifting Service To Shut Down

Startup launch service <a target="_blank" href="">LaunchRock</a> just announced that it has acquired <a target="_blank" href="">Giftiki</a>, a startup th

Rock Your Launch (Get It?) With This Email-Collecting WordPress Theme

Although I think you're better off not hosting your hot, hot beta launch screen yourself, if you simply must have complete control there's <a HREF="">LaunchEffect</a>, a Wor

LaunchRock Gets $800K In Funding, Launches

Viral startup launching platform <a href="">LaunchRock</a> is announcing a get of $800K in seed funding today, from investors <a href="">500 Startups</a>, <a href=

LaunchRock And Vencorps Want To Give $30K To The "Best" Startups #SXSW

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">LaunchRock</a>, the startup that wants to help companies l

LaunchRock, The Most Meta Startup Ever, Builds Viral Launch Pages

<img src="" alt="" /> In case you needed <a href="