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Are you attending a Windows 7 Launch Party?

<img src="">The night is almost here. I hope my <a href="">Windows 7 Launch Party</a>

Windows 7 Launch Party hosts: Are you planning on actually having the party?

<img src="">If you're a Windows 7 Launch Party host like me, you've probably gone through a wave of emotion. First you w

Unboxing the Windows 7 Launch Party kit

My Windows 7 Launch Party kit is finally here! As you may recall, I was selected to host one of these Windows 7 Launch Parties. I’m so lucky. Oh, man, look at all this stuff. Streamers, balloon

Classic video: Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry show off Windows 95

FYI: If you’re coming to my Windows 7 Launch Party on October 22, be prepared to watch this video and learn how Windows 95 is “basically goof-proof.” Drinking game suggestions?

The Windows 7 Launch Party packs ship out to hosts

Great news, fellow Windows 7 Launch Party hosts. Your party pack should arrive soon. Be on the lookout for a UPS tracking email. Mine’s set to arrive this Friday. Now, all I need is some clever

The Windows 7 launch party video was not an isolated incident! They have party favors!

It was only two weeks ago that the Windows 7 Launch Party video cut a burning swath across the internet, leaving only scorched sensibilities and a feeling that you’d lost something fundamental n

I was selected to host a Windows 7 Launch Party!

Guys, I’m really excited. I’m stoked that Microsoft choose me, ME, to host a Windows 7 Launch Party. That’s right, lame ol’ Burns is going to host a Windows 7 party. I just got

WTF was Sony Thinking?! NSFW

The picture after the jump isn’t CrunchGear’s holiday party. That was Sony’s idea of a good time for the launch of God Of War II. The body of a dead goat was packed with guts that gu

Where Was Our Invite To The Sidekick ID Launch Party?

I guess our invitation was lost in the mail. The Sidekick ID we all love to hate is getting some much needed PR from the likes of Kelly Monaco and Taryn Manning. Nothing says, “Buy Me”, like a sta