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Rocket Lab will fly back-to-back missions from its two New Zealand launchpads for US national security agency

Rocket Lab is set to demonstrate a key element of its value prop with newly awarded missions set for a Spring 2021 launch time frame: The rocket company will be flying back-to-back missions for the U.

Rocket Lab to open a third launch pad — its second in New Zealand

Small-satellite launch company Rocket Lab just officially declared its second launch pad open, but it has already broken ground on a third. The new one will be located in New Zealand on the Mahia peni

NASA’s giant mobile Artemis Moon launcher hits the pad for final testing

NASA is in final preparation stages for its Artemis 1 Moon mission, which will be the first in its Artemis series of missions that intend to return an American man to the Moon, and bring an American w

China launches a rocket to space from a ship at sea for the first time

China’s National Space Administration recorded a first today as it launched one of its Long March 11 rockets from a launch pad on board a ship in the Yellow Sea. This is the first time China has

Facebook and Oculus commit $250M+ for VR content, diversity, education

Oculus wants to make sure the next computing platform isn’t dominated by white males like the last ones. The company has announced it will put $10 million toward supporting VR app and video crea

Infinity Ventures Summit Launch Pad in Japan (Part 2: The Best Of The Rest)

<img src="" width="215" height="161" />The <a href="">Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS)<