latitude XT

  • Dell's Latitude XT tablet-hybrid PC now buyable, with free shipping

    Touchers unite! Dell’s much-anticipated but rather expensive touchscreen laptop/tablet PC is now available for purchase on their website. The hard drive is a little skimpy, so upgrade that, and you can get a Core2 Duo for like $70 more so I’d hook that up too. Customization is your friend. The XT and the other Latitudes are also shipping free for a limited time, so put on your… Read More

  • Dell tablet is officially announced, officially expensive

    Dell has officially announced its tablet PC, the Latitude XT.  You’ll have your option of two screens, one that’s highly readable outdoors or a bright LED-backlit one. There’s also an optional 9-hour battery that’ll allow you to show up early and work through lunch without skipping a beat. The 12.1-inch tablet PC will weigh around 3.5 pounds so carrying it… Read More