Creative platform EVEN raises $2.2M seed round to help artists sell directly to fans

Rodriguez said he was inspired to launch the company as a way to help, specifically Black and brown artists, retain equity in their creative work.

Brands building for scale should look to hypercultural Latinx consumers

Hypercultural Latinx consumers are different from their mostly white counterparts in the way they vigorously engage with technology, their obsession with being online at all times and their unique sho

Latino Startup Accelerator Partners with Google For Entrepreneurs To Launch In Fall

Manos Accelerator, a program to support Latinos involved in the startup community, has announced a partnership with Google For Entrepreneurs and will launch its first session for five to six startups

Study: Hispanic Smartphone Owners Want Mobile Shopping Apps To Be Social

Using a smartphone while shopping to find better deals or to look up product reviews is now pretty mainstream. There are some interesting differences between how Hispanics use their phones while shopp