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  • Airbnb raising a reported $850M at a $30B valuation

    Airbnb raising a reported $850M at a $30B valuation

    Tech unicorn and sharing economy darling Airbnb has informed the State of Delaware that it’s raising another heap of cash. TechCrunch independently verified that Airbnb indicated in a 28 page filing on July 28th that it has plans to bring in additional late-stage capital. Almost a year after its last raise of $1.6 billion, the company is said to be adding $850 million to its… Read More

  • Why we don’t believe in tech ‘themes’ Crunch Network

    Why we don’t believe in tech ‘themes’

    The tech hype-cycle works something like this: Some driver triggers a flurry of investments in a particular “theme,” which in turn feeds news flow, panel discussions at conferences and a procession of expert “talking heads.” This febrile atmosphere all too often results in companies that are more noise than substance and an increasingly congested marketplace, which makes… Read More

  • Andreessen Horowitz Announces Yet Another Growth Fund of $200M

    I guess $1 billion under management just wasn’t enough. Andreessen Horowitz has just announced a new growth fund of $200 million. The fund with co-invest alongside the firm’s most recent $650 million fund, providing more capital for the kinds of late stage deals that have been raging in the Valley of late. (Check out our three part series on the trend here, here and here.) That… Read More