late-stage venture capital

The late-stage venture market is crumbling

Proponents of capital efficiency may very well feel this is the medicine the market needed, pain be damned.

The great shrinking late-stage round

New Carta data is a mishmash of sorts, with the numbers not pointing cleanly in one direction. But considered in aggregate, rounds are getting smaller, and mostly we are seeing valuations come down.

Sequoia’s Pat Grady says it isn’t clear startups ‘should be accelerating’ right now — here’s why

Earlier today, we joined friend and former colleague Jon Fortt of CNBC in interviewing partner Pat Grady of Sequoia Capital, and it proved a wide-ranging conversation. You can check out the video belo

SoftBank and the late-stage venture capital J-curve

SoftBank had some good data to report overnight with its third-quarter earnings, which covers the last quarter of 2020 through December 31. The company’s first Vision Fund reported large gains drive