laser pointers

  • Star Wars Lightsaber laser pointers make for an easy purchasing decision

    As laser pointers go, you could do far worse than this little keychain Lightsaber. I mean think about it; if your job requires you to use a laser pointer, then you might as well have a cool one. And at $15, it’s not like this is a huge monetary investment. As an investment in your social standing amongst your peers, though, this thing ought to pay off in spades. Read More

  • Turn your laser pointer into a private communicator

    If you have a laser pointer you’re not using, how would you like to turn it into a pseudo-spy gadget? With a few more parts from RadioShack, you can set up your own laser communication system to talk covertly just like these bowtie-wearing spy wannabes. Read More

  • Laser pointers finally do something useful

    It’s about time. The storied laser pointer has, let’s admit it, gotten pretty boring over the years. People have returned to a simpler time of retro pointing, using old yardsticks and their trusty, dusty fingers, and the last time anyone laughed at the laser-pointer-on-someone’s-face gag, the elder Bush was in office. So a big thank you is in order to Alpay Kasal for inventing… Read More