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Elicit is building a tool to automate scientific literature review

For researchers, reading scientific papers can be immensely time-consuming. According to one survey, scientists spend seven hours each week searching for information. Another survey suggests that syst

Gleen’s tech-savvy chatbot for Discord and Slack attracts Solana founder in oversubscribed round

There’s no shortage of chatbot services trying to earn a place in the myriad channels on Discord and Slack. California-based Gleen, founded by Microsoft and LinkedIn veterans, is offering its en

Will the power of data in the AI era leave startups at a disadvantage?

Are startups facing an insurmountable hurdle when it comes to leveraging LLMs and related technologies as effectively as their larger rivals?

Chinese users can finally try their homegrown ChatGPT equivalents

One month after China announced its provisional measures to oversee generative artificial intelligence, the country has granted approval to the first batch of large language model-empowered services f

China’s OpenAI challenger Zhipu AI gets Meituan funding

Zhipu AI, one of China’s most promising challengers to OpenAI, has received funding from the country’s food delivery giant Meituan, which has a market cap of around $100 billion at the tim

Thousands of authors sign letter urging AI makers to stop stealing books

If you ask GPT-4 to do a passage in the style of Carmen Machado or Margaret Atwood or Alexander Chee, it will do a fair job at it, and for good reason: It likely ingested all their works in the traini

China’s search engine pioneer unveils open source large language model to rival OpenAI

In February, Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan said on Weibo that “China needs its own OpenAI.” The Chinese entrepreneur is now inching closer to his dream as his nascent startup Baichuan Intel

Meituan buys founder’s months-old ‘OpenAI for China’ for $234M

One of China’s most highly anticipated artificial intelligence startups is undergoing a significant change of direction. Guangnian Zhi Wai, or Light Years Beyond, which was founded merely four m

BentoML scores $9M funding to expedite AI app development

The success of large language models like GPT has sparked a frenzy of developers eager to make AI-powered applications. But building AI services can be tricky, especially due to the shortage of skille

We should all be worried about AI infiltrating crowdsourced work

The old computing adage of "garbage in, garbage out" still stands. If you can't trust the training data, you can't trust the output.

Contextual AI launches from stealth to build enterprise-focused language models

Large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4 are powerful, paradigm-shifting tools that promise to upend industries. But they suffer from limitations that make them less attractive to enterp

Low-code ML platform Predibase raises another $12.2M

End-to-end machine learning platform Predibase today announced a $12.2 million expansion (led by Felicis) to its $16.25 million Series A funding round from last year. The company also announced that i

Google launches PaLM 2, its next-gen large language model

At its I/O developer conference, Google today announced the launch of PaLM 2, its newest large language model (LLM). PaLM 2 will power Google’s updated Bard chat tool, the company’s compet

Databricks acquires AI-centric data governance platform Okera

Databricks today announced that it has acquired Okera, a data governance platform with a focus on AI. The two companies did not disclose the purchase price. According to Crunchbase, Okera previously r

Generative AI’s future in enterprise could be smaller, more focused language models

As generative AI continues to take hold, its future in business could be smaller, more focused models instead of a boil-the-ocean approach.

Fixie wants to make it easier for companies to build on top of language models

Yet another startup hoping to cash in on the generative AI craze has secured an eye-popping tranche of VC funding. Called Fixie, the firm, founded by former engineering heads at Apple and Google, aims

AI’s ascendance seems unfazed by SVB mess

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, your computer is going to get a lot smarter and more useful in the coming years.

Shortwave email app introduces AI-powered summaries

Last year, a bunch of Google executives launched an email app called Shortwave, which aimed to fill in the gap left by the search giant’s Inbox app. Now, the company has introduced an AI-powered

Can AI really be protected from text-based attacks?

When Microsoft released Bing Chat, an AI-powered chatbot co-developed with OpenAI, it didn’t take long before users found creative ways to break it. Using carefully tailored inputs, users were a

Microsoft brings the new AI-powered Bing to mobile and Skype, gives it a voice

Barely two weeks after launching the new AI-enabled Bing on desktop (and a few ups and downs during that time), Microsoft today announced that the new Bing is now also available in the Bing mobile app
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