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Anthropic researchers wear down AI ethics with repeated questions

How do you get an AI to answer a question it’s not supposed to? There are many such “jailbreak” techniques, and Anthropic researchers just found a new one, in which a large language

Large language models can help home robots recover from errors without human help

There are countless reasons why home robots have found little success post-Roomba. Pricing, practicality, form factor and mapping have all contributed to failure after failure. Even when some or all o

Alibaba staffer offers a glimpse into building LLMs in China

Chinese tech companies are gathering all sorts of resources and talent to narrow their gap with OpenAI, and experiences for researchers on both sides of the Pacific Ocean can be surprisingly similar.

Rasa, an enterprise-focused dev platform for conversational GenAI, raises $30M

It’s no fun as a customer to have an interaction with a bot when it’s clearly a bot with which you’re engaging. Rasa is a startup that claims to have developed the infrastructure to give develop

Amazon turns to AI to help customers find clothes that fit when shopping online

After recently turning to generative AI to enhance its product reviews, e-commerce giant Amazon today shared how it’s now using AI technology to help customers shop for apparel online. The compa

Giga ML wants to help companies deploy LLMs offline

AI is all the rage — particularly text-generating AI, also known as large language models (think models along the lines of ChatGPT). In one recent survey of ~1,000 enterprise organizations, 67.2

Good old-fashioned AI remains viable in spite of the rise of LLMs

Remember a year ago, all the way back to last November before we knew about ChatGPT, when machine learning was all about building models to solve for a single task like loan approvals or fraud protect

US chip export ban is hurting China’s AI startups, not so much the giants yet

Well before Washington banned Nvidia’s exports of high-performance graphic processing units to China, the country’s tech giants had been hoarding them in anticipation of an escalating tech

Martian’s tool automatically switches between LLMs to reduce costs

Shriyash Upadhyay and Etan Ginsberg, AI researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, are of the opinion that many large AI companies are sacrificing basic research in pursuit of developing competi launches new APIs to connect LLMs to the web

When OpenAI connected ChatGPT to the internet, it supercharged the AI chatbot’s capabilities. Now, the search engine wants to do the same for every large language model (LLM) out there.

Sweep aims to automate basic dev tasks using large language models

Developers spend a lot of time on mundane, repetitive tasks — and surprisingly little on actual coding. In Stack Overflow’s 2022 developer survey, 63% of respondents said that they devote

Snowflake brings together developer and analyst needs in new GenAI tool

Companies use Snowflake to store their data in the cloud. With the ever-growing interest in generative AI and large language models, customers are looking for ways to get started with the technology q

Freeplay wants to help companies test and build LLM-powered apps

Freeplay, a startup that lets companies build, experiment with and test apps powered by generative AI models, specifically text-generating models, today emerged from stealth with $3.25 million in a se

Credal aims to connect company data to LLMs ‘securely’, a Y Combinator-backed startup that gives enterprises a way to connect their internal data to text-generating, cloud-hosted AI models, has raised $4.8 million in a seed round led by Spark Ca

Biden further chokes off China’s AI chip supply with Nvidia bans

In August last year, a ban on Nvidia’s chip export to China sent the country’s budding artificial intelligence startups scrambling for alternatives. A momentary sense of relief came when N

Box unveils unique AI pricing plan to account for high cost of running LLMs

As generative AI becomes embedded in enterprise software, one of the challenges that companies face is how to fairly price it to recoup the cost of running their content against foundational large lan

Rabbit is building an AI model that understands how software works

What if you could interact with any piece of software using natural language? Imagine typing in a prompt and having AI translate the instructions into machine-comprehensible commands, executing tasks

Elicit is building a tool to automate scientific literature review

For researchers, reading scientific papers can be immensely time-consuming. According to one survey, scientists spend seven hours each week searching for information. Another survey suggests that syst

Gleen’s tech-savvy chatbot for Discord and Slack attracts Solana founder in oversubscribed round

There’s no shortage of chatbot services trying to earn a place in the myriad channels on Discord and Slack. California-based Gleen, founded by Microsoft and LinkedIn veterans, is offering its en

Will the power of data in the AI era leave startups at a disadvantage?

Are startups facing an insurmountable hurdle when it comes to leveraging LLMs and related technologies as effectively as their larger rivals?
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