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Parabellum Brings Bison And Kevlar Together For Safety, Luxury And Technology

<img src="" />Let’s say you’re at that point in life where you have too much money. You can only experience the thrill o

Hard case and laptop stand combo looks practical

I believe our own Greg described his laptop as a “ball-burner” recently, and I don’t think there is a more concise way to put the fact that modern portable computers get hot as the d

Those are some really expensive-looking laptop bags

Leathermasters Orbino have released their latest line of luxury cow skin cases for your laptops. They’ve got the Aria, the Arista, the Postino, and the Trevi. Think they like Italy much? Three o

‘Napbook’ laptop case good for students, unmotivated and/or lazy businesspeople

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen asleep at my desk – never done it while a productive member of the US workforce, but it happened plenty of times in college. So for those of you desk-sleepers

MacBook Air Shield provides port access, costs $50

Here is a protective apparatus from Agent 18 for your precious MacBook Air, called the MacBook Air Shield. It costs $50 and comes in white, black, or pink. Guess what else?! It allows you to plug stuf

CrunchDeals: Timbuk2 'Commute' bag for $40 at REI

Hey-o. Looking for a new computer bag? This Timbuk2 number is $60 off. It’s available in black or “moss” from REI for $39.83, down from $100. These are popular bags so I’d not

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Komen Milano

Looking for that special gift for the lady in your life? Or maybe your ready to tell the lady in your life that you’ve been following (but doesn’t know you exist) how much she means to you

Pimp My Guitar Case

A couple of years ago, Nick Comer-Calder designed an insane electric guitar case using leather, carbon fiber (err… that’s fibre across the pond), and silk, not to mention a high-tech suspe

RhinoSkin Aluminum Laptop Hardcase

Observe exhibit A, one long-ass video about an aluminum laptop case. Sure it’s adjustable so it can fit basically any laptop you can cram in it, but does the video really need to be five minutes

Booq Vyper Exo: A Laptop Case

Some guys get off on cars, some guys like wine or women. Brian at Spungle likes laptop cases. How do we know? Why else would a grown man make pee over a heavy duty laptop case with plenty of pockets b