Laptop Bags

  • Rubber Bag Collection: Laptop Cases Made From Old Truck Tires And Safety Belts

    Who said being eco-conscious and stylish weren’t one in the same? one really (it really is quite trendy to be green these days). So why not embrace it with the Rubber Bag Collection (not that kind) from PKG (seriously). Each bag is handmade from recycled truck tires and old seatbelts. The small sleeve hold 13-inch notebooks ($80) and the larger bag holds up to 16-inch… Read More

  • Bag Week Review: Rickshaw Commuter 2.0

    Short version: A great bag with some interesting strengths and only a few drawbacks. Good for laptops and accessories, not so much for cameras or bulky items. Read More

  • Bag Week Reviews: Saddleback Leather Briefcase

    Short Version: Let’s kick this bag review week up a notch into the luxury bag market. Saddleback Leather specializes in bags made of real, well, saddle leather. It’s a full quarter-inch thick, carefully cut and stitched, and is heavy as the dickens. However, I’m pleased to report that this is one of the nicest laptop bags I’ve used. Read More

  • Booq's new rigid laptop case is ready for deployment

    It seems like when you watch movies where there are scientists out in the field, they inevitably have a hard-case laptop bag that they just set on a rock and open up. Boom, laptop! Well, those big ol’ chrome suitcases may look cool, but they’re a bit unwieldy. Better to get something a little smaller and softer, yet robust enough to withstand a few kicks. The Viper from Booq (not to… Read More

  • Is this my new laptop bag? The Chrome Buran

    I make no secret of my bag fetish. I love ’em. And what with Seattle winters being as cold and wet as a dog’s nose, I’ve been thinking for a while of getting a weather-resistant laptop bag. My Manhattan Portage is far from a sponge, but I still feel the need to hold my umbrella over it when it’s pouring. I’d rather have something a little more… like this. Read More

  • New bags from Booq look tasteful and functional

    I admit it, I have a thing for bags. They’re like precision instruments if you have a few with different capabilities: one for groceries, one for books, one for cameras, and one for laptops. These new bags from booq are about as tasteful and functional as they come, perhaps only outdone by Acme Made’s excellent shoulder bags. If you’re looking for a new backback or bag, check… Read More

  • Mouse pad enthusiasts, this is your bag

    Hey guys. Hanging out on a pile of rocks with your laptop bags, huh? Can I join you? No? Why, because I don’t have my own laptop bag? Ah, I see. Laptop Bag Owners Club members only, eh? Tough but fair. If I buy one of those bags can I join you? No? Ah, I see. The Laptop Bag Owners Club is also known as the No Dougs Club, too. Gotcha. What if I change my first na—just no? No, in… Read More

  • Eco-Friendly Mac Bags from Targus

    Targus has released a line of eco-friendly bags for the 15″ MacBook Pro that they are calling Spruce EcoSmart. Read for all the details and a full press release. Read More

  • Review: Two Acme Made shoulder bags

    The holidays are approaching, and although gadgets, cameras and the like will be flowing like wine, one sector shoppers tend to neglect is how to carry said gadgets. After all, you upsize your laptop and it no longer fits in your briefcase, or you get a new lens and now you need a better camera bag. Acme Made makes quite a lot of the bags, briefcases, and soft shells you’ll be wanting… Read More

  • Tread: bags and cases made from recycled tires

    Tire rubber certainly is a “supermaterial.” Although I feel it’s more suited to resisting wear and providing grip to F1 cars, it’s also tough, waterproof, and flexible when correctly manipulated. Tread has a lot of faith in the stuff, and has been repurposing South American waste tires to make all sorts of laptop bags, camera cases, and cell phone pouches. The prices… Read More

  • Photo of new checkpoint friendly bag

    More news on the approaching possibility of keeping your laptop in a case while breezing through airport security. Along with bag-maker Skooba Design’s “beautiful prototypes, patents and trademarks pending,” they also posted a photo of a new security-friendly laptop case prototype for the new line, and they expect to have models available in time for the back to… Read More

  • Keep your laptop in your luggage

    The Transportation Security Administration has reportedlybeen working with luggage manufacturers to create checkpoint safe laptop cases. No longer will you have to take your laptop our of your case, while you remove your shoes, jacket, any metal, lighters, and chapstick from your pockets, as well as all the water, shampoo and aftershave from your carry-on. Wow, thanks TSA, that’s gonna be… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Komen Milano

    Looking for that special gift for the lady in your life? Or maybe your ready to tell the lady in your life that you’ve been following (but doesn’t know you exist) how much she means to you. Or maybe you really like pink and you want to give a little to a worthy cause. Whatever the case, consider the Komen Milano from Mobile Edge. It’s made of faux pink crocodile and 10% of… Read More

  • Naneu Pro u120 Bag Hands-On

    When looking for a gear bag, you will find that there are a multitude of features to distinguish one bag from the next. It seems that every manufacturer has created some clever little gimmick to help set their bags apart and to drive sales. There are two features, however, that are absolutely imperative to all bags: its economy of space and its efficiency of padding. Often times it seems as if… Read More