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  • Booq Taipan shadow loves your luggage

    There you are, racing from Terminal A to Terminal Z so you can catch that flight home, which departs in exactly three minutes. You’ve got your carry-on bag trundling along beside you, and your trusty laptop bag thrown over one shoulder. Every step causes that thin pleather strap to slide a little farther down your shoulder, until *blam* your laptop bag drops to the floor, tripping you in… Read More

  • Review: Waterfield Designs 13-inch Muzetto laptop bag

    The $239 13-inch Muzetto bag by Waterfield Designs is a nice bag, that much is sure. It’s well built, nicely styled, and comfortable to wear. But friends I’m loathe to admit that I carry too much crap for this poor little bag and it deserves better than me. I’m too much man for this bag. That is not to say this isn’t a bag for a man. It’s a bag for a man who… Read More

  • Video Review: be.ez LA besace Lime Drop laptop bag

    Behold, ladies and gentleman, the LA besace Lime Drop bag from be.ez. It comfortably holds your 15″ MacBook. and looks great doing it. Don’t look like every other chump with a Targus or SwissGear laptop bag. Click on through to watch a fun and educational video! Read More

  • New Tom Bihn bags for the new Apple MacBook Pro

    Hot on the heels of the MacWorld announcement of the new unibody 17″ MacBook Pro comes word of new Tom Bihn bags to hold those unibody MacBook Pros. With names like Smart Alec, Empire Builder, and Super Ego, you know they’re good! Read More

  • Review: Travelon TSA-approved Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags

    What is it about airports that bring out the worst in humanity? Is it waiting in long, arbitrary lines?  Is it being forced to reveal to everyone the holes in your socks?  Is it the $100 beers at the airport bar?  I try pretty hard to be a “good citizen” when I travel: my carry-on luggage doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions permitted by the airline; I make sure I put all… Read More

  • Skooba's Checkthrough TSA Checkpoint-friendly laptop bag now shipping

    Just a heads up that Skooba’s Checkpoint-friendly Checkthrough laptop bag is now in stock. Skooba is even throwing in free UPS ground shipping (code:FREERIDE) and same day shipping (order by 3PM EDT). Get yours now for $140. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-orders for the Skooba Checkpoint TSA Checkpoint-Friendly available now at a discount

    Due to overwhelming demand, Skooba has opened the floodgates to the Checkpoint laptop bag that will make security lines a breeze. They’re still eight weeks out from shipping (early October), but they want you to pre-order now for $125.95 with free UPS ground shipping. To qualify for the 10 percent discount you have to submit your order by September 26th. You can download the pre-order… Read More

  • Travelon piles on the TSA-approved baggage

    Starting just last week if you have a TSA-approved laptop bag, you can slide that puppy* (*please to not x-ray the puppy) right on through their scanning machines. Of course that means a whole bunch new products to choose from. Travelon has created six new bags ready to start hitting the shelves in September. Ya got yourself a backpack version, a wheely thing and a briefcase style. For the lady… Read More

  • Mobile Edge offers a trio of "Checkpoint Friendly" laptop bags

    In response to the announcement made by the TSA earlier in the year that would allow travelers to keep their laptops in bags while going through security; a couple gear companies have put forth “Checkpoint Friendly” bags and that latest comes from Mobile Edge. The ScanFast collection meets the criteria laid out by the TSA and will be available late summer. No word on pricing. Read More