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Laptop desk allows for in-bed computing

<img src="">The “new revolutionary Portable Laptop Table” from SkyMall is apparently perfect for those days that you just want to

Logitech's Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Announced

Logitech released today the latest addition to their line of Alto notebook stands. This one is, you know, cordless, and also comes with a keyboard and three USB ports for all your printer/monitor/iPod

LapWorks Laptop Desk 2.0 Review

At first glance, and really, every glance thereafter, the Laptop Desk 2.0 from LapWorks doesn’t appear to be much of anything; basically, it’s two pieces of corrugated plastic attached in

Samsung's Sexy Hybrid Hard Drive

No, this hybrid hard drive isn’t actually sexy (though it is topless) and it is difficult to get excited about hard drives in general. But, since Samsung’s still an underdog in the categor

PNY, SanDisk Solid State Drives In Sizes Worth Buying

At Computex Taipei 2007, SanDisk showed off its two new additions to its line of solid state drives (SSD): SanDisk 1.8-inch 64GB UATA 5000 and 2.5-inch 64GB SATA 5000 SSD products. This was trumped by

Memorex's TravelDrive 2007 Flashy Flash Drives Add Flash To Your Flash Drive Options

With flash memory prices dropping faster than Apple stock after a fake iPhone delay (I swear it’s the last time I’ll mention it), manufacturers of USB thumb drives have to do something to

Creative Unleashes 2MP Auto-focusing, Plug-N-Play Webcam

I know it’s pretty difficult to get excited by a Webcam, so I forgive you for not reading this. But, on the off chance you’re actually shopping for one, you should maybe add the Creative L

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB TV Tuner Goes Both Ways

The AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB might look a tad on the dull side, but the little gray box contains a TV tuner for receiving both standard- and high-definition broadcasts and has an MPEG-2 hardware encode

RhinoSkin Apple MacBook Hardcase: Likes, Dislikes, & the Wha?

with free shipping and volume discounts should you need more than two. A typical soft-sided laptop case is not ideal for keeping your 13-inch MacBook free from dings and scratches in the great outdoor

G-Tech Messenger Bag Lets You Control Your iPod And Listen To It Too

I love Eleksen’s ElekTex Smart Fabric and the companies that think up new ways to use it. Case in point, this messenger bag from G-Tech (by GoodHope Bags) that was announced earlier this week. Conne

Be Free Of Over-Heated Laptop Concerns With Lapworks' Miracle Laptop Desk

Friends, let me ask you a few questions: Is your mobile-computing experience being ruined by a severe case of “hot legs?” Do you use your laptop computer in fear of a volatile battery pack

Antec Notebook Cooler S: CrunchGear Review

Last week at DigitalLife, we had a chance to talk to computer power supply/accessory/enclosure manufacturer Antec about some newly released and upcoming products. One of these was its USB-powered Note

Sonnet Tempo SATA ExpressCard Fills Your Slot Fast And Easy

If you’ve got a new notebook with an ExpressCard 54 or 34 slot and you’ve been looking to stick something in it, check out Sonnet Technologies’ Tempo SATA Express 34 card that gives