• Looks like Fujitsu’s joining the netbook party

    Hey, look. Fujitsu’s coming out with a little, tiny netbook too. As well it should, since the company’s been putting out subnotebooks for years. This should be a pretty simple move then. The above photo comes from German site and it appears that we’ll be seeing this little guy sometime in August to the tune of $400. It’s pictured next to a 17-inch notebook… Read More

  • More details about the Atom-based Asus Eee 901

    The impending Eee 901 has been spotted at the WiMax Expo in Taipei and is expected to be formally announced and launched tomorrow. We saw some early details a couple of weeks ago, but here’s some more information. IDG News is reporting that the Eee PC 901 will have a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and will ship with a 12GB SSD and Windows XP or with a 20GB SSD and Linux, depending… Read More

  • Hands-on with MSI Wind, looks pretty stellar so far

    CNET’s UK office got a special hands-on with the forthcoming MSI Wind notebook and they like it so much that they said it “could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini laptop on the planet.” The 10-inch screen is apparently better than the one on HP’s Mini-Note 2133, and the overall design aesthetic and keyboard on the Wind is better than the Eee but… Read More

  • $299 RazorBook 400 portable Internet appliance

    “The day has finally arrived and the 3K RazorBook 400 is now hitting the US market. We just lowered our MSRP to $299 as part of this exciting announcement. There has been a lot of comparison from bloggers to the Asus eeePC due to its similar 7-inch LCD form factor. The 3K RazorBook 400 is a unique product that was designed as a low-cost ($299) portable Internet appliance, not to replace… Read More

  • Possible Acer mini-laptop sighting?

    According to UMPCPortal, these may be photos of the Acer Aspire One, a tiny laptop similar to the Eee, except that the first two E’s are replaced with the letters “O” and “N” to change things up a bit. The UI looks non-Windows-y, despite early reports indicating that Acer’s entrant would run XP. The UI shown above could be media center type software, though. Read More

  • Michael Dell spotted carrying 'Dell Mini' notebook

    Hot damn, boys and girls. Either that’s a hilariously large novelty pencil or we’ve got ourselves an Eee-sized Dell notebook to look forward to. To which to look forward. Which to whom we will forwardly look. Grammar is hard. Anyway, Michael Dell was spotted carrying this little guy around at All Things D by Gizmodo. Details are pretty murky but early photos seem to present a… Read More

  • ASUS announcing 10-inch Eee on June 3rd?

    To quote the lovely and vivacious Susan Powter, “Stop the insanity!” Apparently ASUS is getting set to announce a 10-inch version of the super-popular Eee subnotebook on June 3rd at Computex 2008 in Taiwan. According to an invitation received by UMPC Fever, “ASUS is looking forward to welcoming you during Computex 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan, for the ASUS’ 08 Computex… Read More

  • Asus Eee 900 in black too, gutted fish not included

    A lot of notebook manufacturers will take photos of their products being used in locations that most normal people would never dream of taking such delicate and expensive devices. Case in point, the first iteration of the Asus Eee PC with the girl on the beach. Everyone knows that the beach is the absolute LAST place to take a laptop. There are too many people having “fun”… Read More

  • MSI Wind: More info and photos

    TweakTown has some more details about MSI’s upcoming Wind notebook, one of the latest in the line of Asus Eee competitors. So far, the specs look pretty good and the relatively large 10-inch screen and 12-inch wide keyboard are welcome additions. Read More

  • Get the 8.9-inch Eee PC 900 on May 12 or wait a little while for the Atom version to come out in June

    It’s no secret that Asus wants to get its 8.9-inch lappie to market as quickly as possible and we’re now hearing that the Eee PC 900 will be available in the US on May 12 for $550, according to Wired, which is $50 higher than earlier reports. In order for Asus to get it here by then, it had to forgo using Intel’s new made-for-tiny-laptops Atom processor. But PC World is… Read More

  • MSI to enter tiny laptop arena with the 'Wind'

    Just to reiterate how I feel about June, 2008 one more time; it’s gonna be sweet. That’s the month that tiny Eee-like notebooks will be coming out of the woodwork from manufacturers the world over. Now MSI joins the party with the “Wind,” a 2.2-pound notebook that comes in 8.9-inch or 10-inch flavors at 1024×600 resolution, 80GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, Windows XP… Read More

  • Dell decides that there's money in tiny, cheap laptops

    Dell will join the likes of Asus, HP, Acer, and whichever other computer companies jump on the tiny laptop bandwagon between now and June to offer low cost, ultraportable notebooks to the masses. Dell will be teaming up with China’s Compal Electronics “to launch low-cost notebook computers…as early as June,” according to a Compal official. June is going to be an… Read More

  • ECS 'G10IL' is a pretty Eee with 3G wireless built in

    Welcome to the tiny, inexpensive laptop game ECS. You’ve made an intriguing entry with your G10IL, although that name could use a little work. The keyboard looks pretty nice and the inclusion of 3G wireless (HSPDA 7.2) is a good idea. There’s also a built-in webcam, three USB ports, Ethernet, and even a 56K modem. Unfortunately, there’s not too much other information on… Read More

  • HP prepping tiny notebooks in time for spring

    Looks like HP may have decided to jump on the UMPC bandwagon. Yippee. Hopefully it doesn’t have a keyboard and costs, like, $1200. Ha! Hold the phone, CNET’s Darius Chang says it’s “likely to be competitively priced, much like the ASUS Eee PC.” I’m listening… Oh man, it gets better! Someone on HP’s staff told Chang, “you won’t even… Read More

  • MSI elbowing its way into the tiny, cheap laptop game

      Micro-Star International sat gnashing its teeth as it watched Asus and Everex beat it to the punch with tiny notebook computers (which I’ll from this day forward refer to as “lapitos”). So what will MSI’s lapito have going for it? According to PC World, “MSI is working on a similar device for the ultra-low cost notebook market, using an extremely low… Read More