Landline wants to fully check you in for your flight — far from the airport

Running an airline is a grueling business, with many companies either folding shop or merging with rivals to survive. Being an airline passenger isn’t a walk in the park either, for a litany of

Comcast business phone service is down and small businesses are freaking out

Comcast’s business phone service seems to be having a huge nationwide outage. While the company acknowledged that some customers may be experiencing problems with phone service, the issue seem

Obihai Offers New Low-Cost Home Phone Options As Technology Change At Google Ends Free Service

My free lunch is about to end. I’m one of a few hundred thousand customers enjoying free monthly home phone service.* We use a low-cost analog telephone adapter (ATA) called an OBi, connected to Goo

Android Marches Onto Another Landline Phone (And Marches On)

Looking at this Android-powered landline handset which U.K. telco BT has just started selling -- christened with the (relatively) catchy name of Home SmartPhone S -- you really have to wonder what too

FotoDialer: Make phone calls based on photos

Study: 3 in 10 US homes now lack landline

I don’t have a landline telephone. In fact, I haven’t had one since 2001. It just seemed redundant in the world of mobile phone ubiquity. And I’m not alone, as a recent study by the

Cellphones now treated as commodity; one-third of people ditch landlines

People now view cellphones as a commodity, like coffee or sugar, and now buy them largely based on price concerns. That, and one-third of people no longer use a landline telephone, instead relying sol

Bluetooth-enabled VTech 5.8GHz cordless phone handles landline and mobile calls

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth support, the $150 VTech LS5145 cordless phone is able to basically act as a wireless headset for your mobile phone, in addition to being able to make and receive standard

Destroy Your Landline Contest Winners: Craig and Niels

“Phone Burn!” by Craig and Niels I originally thought about extending the entry period, but since we got only one entry — and it was such a cool one — Craig and Niels are the w

Destroy Your Landline Contest: One Weekend Left

One weekend left, guys and gals. To recap, T-Mobile dropped me a line last week offering: A HotSpot-enabled phone (Nokia 6086 or Samsung t409), T-Mobile HotSpot @Home Wi-Fi router (D-Link or Linksys b