• Comcast business phone service is down and small businesses are freaking out

    Comcast business phone service is down and small businesses are freaking out

    Comcast’s business phone service seems to be having a huge nationwide outage. While the company acknowledged that some customers may be experiencing problems with phone service, the issue seems to be pretty widespread, with reported outages in dozens of cities across the country. Apparently inbound and outbound calls are either not being completed at all, or are met with a… Read More

  • Obihai Offers New Low-Cost Home Phone Options As Technology Change At Google Ends Free Service

    Obihai Offers New Low-Cost Home Phone Options As Technology Change At Google Ends Free Service

    My free lunch is about to end. I’m one of a few hundred thousand customers enjoying free monthly home phone service.* We use a low-cost analog telephone adapter (ATA) called an OBi, connected to Google Voice for free domestic home phone service. But on May 15th, Google is dropping support for the XMPP protocol that makes this work. While Google Voice and Hangouts will still offer… Read More

  • Android Marches Onto Another Landline Phone (And Marches On)

    Android Marches Onto Another Landline Phone (And Marches On)

    Looking at this Android-powered landline handset which U.K. telco BT has just started selling — christened with the (relatively) catchy name of Home SmartPhone S — you really have to wonder what took them so long. Read More

  • FotoDialer: Make phone calls based on photos

    The baby boomer generation is old and they need as much help as possible. My own mother is constantly asking me for a cell phone with bigger numbers and a bigger screen. “But it has to look pretty”, she says. She doesn’t necessarily need the FotoDialer, yet, but my grandparents could probably benefit from it now. It’s a pretty ingenious device and I can’t… Read More

  • Study: 3 in 10 US homes now lack landline

    I don’t have a landline telephone. In fact, I haven’t had one since 2001. It just seemed redundant in the world of mobile phone ubiquity. And I’m not alone, as a recent study by the US Government shows that fully three out of ten American homes don’t have landlines, relying only upon cellphones for communications. This number will, of course, go up, but I don’t… Read More

  • Cellphones now treated as commodity; one-third of people ditch landlines

    People now view cellphones as a commodity, like coffee or sugar, and now buy them largely based on price concerns. That, and one-third of people no longer use a landline telephone, instead relying solely upon their cellphone. Those are the two big conclusions from a recent comScore survey, both of which seem fairly reasonable. As one of the comScore folks said, people generally see cellphones… Read More

  • Bluetooth-enabled VTech 5.8GHz cordless phone handles landline and mobile calls

    Thanks to built-in Bluetooth support, the $150 VTech LS5145 cordless phone is able to basically act as a wireless headset for your mobile phone, in addition to being able to make and receive standard landline and/or VOIP calls. It works on the new 5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum and is expandable up to 12 total handsets. There’s also a 65K color display, built-in answering machine and… Read More

  • Destroy Your Landline Contest Winners: Craig and Niels

    “Phone Burn!” by Craig and Niels I originally thought about extending the entry period, but since we got only one entry — and it was such a cool one — Craig and Niels are the winners. Congratulations and special thanks to T-Mobile for sponsoring the contest. Read More

  • Destroy Your Landline Contest: One Weekend Left

    One weekend left, guys and gals. To recap, T-Mobile dropped me a line last week offering: A HotSpot-enabled phone (Nokia 6086 or Samsung t409), T-Mobile HotSpot @Home Wi-Fi router (D-Link or Linksys brands) and one year of free T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service that includes (per month) unlimited calls to your myFaves contacts, 2000 nationwide WHENEVER Minutes®, unlimited… Read More