Lance Armstrong

Greycroft leads $3.5M into Breef, an online marketplace for ad agencies

Breef’s platform is democratizing how brands and boutique agencies connect with each other in the process of planning, scoping, pitching and paying for projects.

Lance Armstrong’s Next Ventures targets $75M

Next Ventures' portfolio includes sleep and activity tracker Oura, smart muscle stimulation device PowerDot and others.

Startups Weekly: Squad’s screen-shares and Slack’s swastika

We’re three weeks into January. We’ve recovered from our CES hangover and, hopefully, from the CES flu. We’ve started writing the correct year, 2019, not 2018. Venture capitalists ha

Lance Armstrong just wrote his first check as VC

Lance Armstrong revealed last month that an early investment in Uber — courtesy of a $100,000 check that he funneled into the company in 2009 through Lowercase Capital — “saved&#8221

After Leo DiCaprio Invests, Lance Armstrong Races To Promote, Advise Mobli

<a href="">Mobli</a>, the startup behind the eponymous, <a href="">much-hyped</a> realtime photo and video sharing service, has st

Lance Armstrong: Natural Born Twitterer

<img src="" width="215" height="169" /> When Lance Armstrong sat down with John Battelle at the Web 2.0 Summit last November,