• Animated musical Star Trek lamp

    Ah, perfect. Use your Star Trek cologne to woo the ladies and then wow the ones you bring home with this $100 Star Trek bedside lamp from Hammacher Schlemmer. Read More

  • Sungale desk lamp features 3.5-inch LCD

    Ah, convergence devices. Sometimes they actually make sense. Case in point, this 5-watt LED desk lamp with built-in 3.5-inch digital photo frame. The fine people over at Zatz Not Funny! (Zat name IS funny!) took a quick look at the lamp, so let’s take a look at their look. Read More

  • Mud powered Dirtlamp for environmentalists

    I know you hate burning oil and coal, you hate fission and everything that results in two headed cows. Dirtlamp seems to be an environmentally friendly way to light your habitat. Read More

  • Lamp made from old-school Nintendo Zapper

    This is a cool looking lamp, yes? What’s even cooler is that the girl who put this together made that Duck Hunt cartridge out of cardboard because a standard Nintendo cartridge didn’t provide enough stability. "A regular cartridge was too small a base, so I measured one and made a 1.5 scale replica out of cardboard, and screwed the gun to it.  I weighted it with stones… Read More

  • Branch light concept: Arrange and assemble as you see fit

    The thing about this concept lamp is that you get to show your own design chops. Designer Michail Komarov made it so that a series of interlocking tubes (that sounds familiar) can be arranged in any number of shapes and styles to suit your discerning taste. The way it’s arranged in this picture, I’d have no qualms putting that in my absolutely wonderful apartment. I swear, all… Read More

  • Concept lamp runs on gravity

    [photopress:gravia_w_person_cutout_bw_400.jpg,full,center] You can take your solar power and scrub it. Solar power is great if you live in, I dunno, daylightistan (aka Los Angeles), but for those of us up here in the Northwest, it’s not practical. But we have gravity, and this lovely gravity-powered lamp will work just fine. Invented by student Clay Moulton, the lamp is primed, then… Read More

  • Seamour Sheep: Um, a USB sheep lamp. Right.

    [photopress:seamours.jpg,full,center] As far as hardware goes, I enjoy writing about light-hearted nonsense perhaps more than anything else. Look at Seamour Sheep. Firstly, its name is the type of name you’d give a horse racing for the Triple Crown—great, in other words. It’s just a USB-powered lamp so don’t expect any miracles, but do expect to gain instant street cred… Read More

  • Calming Lamp for the Crazy and Cantakerous

    If you’re old or crazy (or a little of both, like our editors) then you might find yourself looking at a White Noise Lamp. The post-modern stylings are about more than just artistic aesthetics, as the design is thought to induce calm and warm, fuzzy feelings in the elderly and the mentally ill. By lining the halls of your mental hospital or retirement home with these lamps, the… Read More

  • Good Morning, Starshine: The Wake-Up Light

    Most Americans don’t get enough sleep, period. This is because of a combination of an overwhelmingly Puritan work ethic coupled with really good late night talk shows. It’s endemic and must be stopped. The Wake-up Light can help you, though. Instead of blaring Top 40 or Stern to shock your system into wakefulness, the light starts at a dim level, gradually increasing over half an… Read More