• Fluxo Is A Lamp That Exhibits True Smarts

    Fluxo Is A Lamp That Exhibits True Smarts

    Good lighting can mean the difference between time for business and business time. That’s why Fluxo is so cool. This unique crowdfunded light bulb can do all the color-changing magic you’re used to but can also cast light in various directions including up at the ceiling and at specific corners of the room. The light is surprisingly compact but features a number of LEDs that can… Read More

  • I Love Lamp, So Do My Friends, And Who Cares?

    I Love Lamp, So Do My Friends, And Who Cares?

    This weekend, Nick Bilton of the NYT wrote an interesting piece called “Disruptions: Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age” about his experience at a recent dinner party he threw for friends. The crux of the article is that his friends used social tools to let everyone know where they were and what they were doing. This led to a few uncomfortable moments for Bilton, such as… Read More

  • Dino-lamps For Your Home Or Office

    So you’ve finally moved into the corner office, and you’re looking for that special decorator piece that really says “I’ve made it” in the corporate rate race. Well look no longer, because I’ve found the perfect product for you – the dinosaur lamp. You know you want one. Read More

  • Sanyo promises 4,000 hours of maintenance-free use for new projector

    Sanyo Japan announced [press release in English] the LP-WL2500 today, an ultra short-focus projector whose newly developed filter and lamp makes it possible to use the device for long periods without maintenance. To be more specific, Sanyo says they boosted lamp life by 30% (when compared to the previous model) to 4,000 hours. The hybrid filter has the main lifespan, which was 20 times… Read More

  • Stylish and eco-friendly: Sanyo's eneloop lamps (video)

    Sanyo Japan today announced the strange, vase-like “eneloop lamp” [press release in English] that can be used both as a regular interior light or as a flashlight (when you pick it up and hold it like one). As a third option, the device also serves as a “healing lamp” once you switch from white to blue lighting. The eneloop lamp can be charged wirelessly by putting it on… Read More

  • New substance paves the way for better, brighter LEDs in the near future

    Japanese newspapers are reporting today that Mitsui Kinzoku, an Osaka-based mining and smelting company, might have paved the way to more powerful and ecological LEDs in the future. The key is a mix between red and blue phosphor, combined with blue LEDs, which leads to the production of extremely pure white light (wave length: 450nm). Mitsui Kinzoku claims the white light created this way is… Read More

  • Panasonic develops a new kind of lighting device, says it will be as important as LED and OLED

    Yesterday Matsushita Electric Works (to be branded as Panasonic from October this year) presented [JP] “the world’s first lighting device”, which – in contrast to existing fluorescent models – doesn’t need mercury to discharge gas. The company even claims their new technology could might one day be as important as LED and OLED. Matsushita speaks of an… Read More

  • In the year 3000, your lights will look like this

    Or maybe in 10 years or so. Designer Ingo Maurer has come up with a nice-looking lamp utilizing custom OLED panels created by Opto Semiconductors. The panels are quite small: 132x33mm, or a bit more than one inch by five. A few of them in his tree-like configuration would make for a bright and even lighting situation. The designer is very excited about the possibilities of the… Read More

  • Lamp Doubles as Thermal Detonator Prop

    Sweden-based Flux has a designer LED lamp made of aluminum and glass called Barry that uses a curvy mirrored surface in the upper hemisphere of the 7-inch diameter device to reflect light from about 70 white LEDs in the bottom hemisphere. Although the lamp might be good for outdoor parties, at $1,100, I’d settle for some cheap tikki torches. Barry(Swedish) [OhGizmo! via Crave] Read More

  • Groovy Speakers for The Island

    Ever seen that TV show “The Prisoner”? Well, these $68 lava-lamp speakers ooze of top-secret 1960s island weirdness. The I-Lit features two clear stereo speakers that plug into the headphone jack of an MP3 or CD player. The base pulses up and down with warm, relaxing colors to the beat of the music and users can adjust volume, light and sound sensitivity. [I-Light Speaker via… Read More

  • Lamp with USB Charging Port

    , we thought we’d share this soon-to-be-released lamp that caught our wary but wandering eye. The SI561 is, by most accounts, a standard desk lamp, featuring a regular 3-prong power socket on the base to provide convenient power to your laptop or what have you. The fun here is that the lamp, which just cleared FCC for some reason, also sports a secondary USB port. There’s no data… Read More