• Commodore jumps into the tiny laptop melee – hell yes

    It seems that tucked away in the folds of IFA, there is a tiny laptop taking the ancient Commodore family name. Some enterprising Norwegians wrote it up, and included in the post what appears to be the hottest girl I have ever seen. I don’t know if you can tell (I’m really good at photoshopping) but she’s not actually holding the Commodore — I just craftily made it… Read More

  • MSI Wind PC: Ride the Wind

    Umm… I’m going to try to be professional here and not make a joke out of MSI’s motto “Ride the Wind.” What you see here is a little PC running MS-7314 Wind motherboard running… ummm… boobs. It is Energy Star compliant, plays back 720p video and is very small and might be nice to take out for noodles and then maybe take back to your hotel bar and maybe… Read More

  • Apparently the Apple store is a great place to pick up guys other than myself

    The ladies at the *Sugar network have discovered that the Apple store in SF is full of geeky single guys. I think that’s actually in the yellow pages description of the store, but they decided to investigate. As expected, the store was packed with nerdy, semi-eligible men and very few women on the prowl. They documented their foray into the wild world of Macheads and now you can learn… Read More

  • The Ladies of MWC Caption Contest

    Friends, welcome to the MWC 2008 caption contest featuring the SeaBees of the conference floor. The picture is sadly a bit dark but I’m sure you can make out their jaunty uniforms and sassy smiles. What, then, should we caption this image. The best entry, left in comments and judged by the CG staff, gets an Jawbone Bluetooth headset. Start captioning! The contest closes tomorrow at noon EST. Read More

  • A CrunchGear Valentine's Day: What To Get Your Lady

    I know that Valentine’s Day is a big pain in the ass and that getting a gift for your lady is the most boring waste of time ever. This year though, get her something the both of you can enjoy as a dorky couple. I guarantee you will find something to get her out of these next five items or I’ll call you cheap and berate you about it. Now, onto the goods! Read More

  • RealityBedding: Half-Naked Girls on Your Bed

    The real draw here isn’t the ladies in their undies kissing — it’s the in-material printing process used on these fancy comforters. Apparently you can wash these things until your fingers bleed and the image won’t rub off or fade. Hey. Are you paying attention? Eyes down here. Listen. Material printing. It won’t rub off… Fine. Stare at the girls… Read More