• LaCie big boxin' it with the 5Big RAID NAS

    LaCie, no stranger to the storage game, is putting out a unique-looking and high-capacity RAID network-attached storage box. It’ll hold up to 7.5TB at the moment, which is a huge amount but looks smaller every day as storage capacities skyrocket. I’d say a year ago a terabyte was like “wow, a terabyte?” and now it’s like “yeah, let me get a couple of… Read More

  • LaCie's new USB drives are ginormous in storage, gorgeous in looks

    [photopress:hd_desktophd1tb_usb_2.jpg,full,center] I’m a fan of minimalist design, and this new pair of LaCie drives are perfect, physically-speaking. They’re pretty dope inside, too: 500GB or 1TB drives running at a cool 7200RPM with USB 2.0 connectivity? Yes, please. No word on pricing yet, but this is art, people. LaCie desktop hard disks [via Giz] Read More

  • Review: Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini with HipServ

    [photopress:IMG_1386.JPG,full,pp_image] Setting up a home storage server has long been fraught with peril. I’ve in fact had a terabyte and a half of storage space lying in NAS blocks in the past year and never stored more than a few movies on any of these devices. There just wasn’t a good, sane way to keep things updated without going through arcane web interfaces or maintaining… Read More

  • LaCie Desktop Biometric Hard Drives Provide Storage and Security

    Coming in 160, 320, and 500 GB sizes, the Lacie external hard drive protects your document in three ways. The first is a fingerprint scanner that supports up to five users. The second is a firmware lock that tethers the drive to the enclosure, so if you remove the drive it becomes unusable. The third is a chain lock port to tie the enclosure physically to your desk or some other solid… Read More