LaCie’s New USB-C Mobile Hard Drive Matches The New MacBook Perfectly

The new MacBook’s most curious feature might be its lack of ports – there are only two on the edges of the machine, one of the left for USB-C power, data and display connectivity, and a 3.5mm

LaCie Adds Some Polish To Its NAS Units With “NAS OS”

Backing up data is getting more and more important, since although much of our critical stuff is in the cloud, we're all generating so many pictures, videos, documents and so on that it's wise to keep

LaCie’s Rugged Mini External Hard Drive Is Not Large

Let's say you're <a href="">LaCie</a>, manufacturer <em>par excellence</em> of mid-to-high-end external hard drives. Are you LaCie now? Good. And let's say you've put

Lacie's Wuala Online Storage Gets An iPhone App

<img src="" />Lacie's Wuala online storage site offers users a great way to securely save and share encrypted file

Wuala brings its secure P2P online storage to iPhone

<img src="" alt="" title="wuala_logo" width="194" height="50" class="shot" /><a href="">Wuala</a>, the Zurich-based

LaCie Is The First With A Thunderbolt-Equipped External Drive

<img src="" />Following the <a href="">Thu

Can You Spot The Lacie Galet USB Drive In This Picture?

<img src="" />Hint: it is not the cufflinks, but it is near them. Yes, that thing. Lacie is making forays into the world of

LaCie Tank Is An Enclosure For Your Drives And Doodads

<img src="" />LaCie continues to expand its rugged gear line with the Tank, which is essentially... a box to put your thing

LaCie's FastKey Does USB 3.0 And 120GB

The LaCie FastKey is USB 3.0 and comes in 30GB, 60GB, and 120GB capacities. All in a aluminum form factor about the size of a pack of gum. Even with a starting $150 price tag, it’s still more fa

The LaCie Stark Mobile 500GB USB 3.0 Hard Drive Gives A Lesson In Style, Mobility

<img src="">External hard drives do not have to be stale and fake. They can look just as good as they perform and the latest from L

LaCie Intros The 24-inch 324i IPS Display Aimed For Creative Types, Rich Kids

The high-end monitor scene just got a whole more interesting with the addition of the LaCie 324i. This 1920 x 1200 10-bit IPS bad boy offers a huge color gamut of 102 percent NTSC, 98 percent Adobe

The LaCie Wireless Space Is A Glorious Mash-up Of A NAS And Wireless Router

<img src="">Network-attached backup devices are sold at Walmart these days so excuse me if I don't get that excited about the space anymor

True To Form, LaCie Releases Two New USB 3.0 Drives

<img src="">Clearly the world can never have enough storage... or enough monkeys. <a HREF="

LaCie's MosKeyto Is About As Small As USB Keys Can Get

Looking for a very, very small USB drive? Well, LaCie has got you covered. The new MosKeyto is about as small as I can picture these things getting. It comes with a little cap and a way to attach it t

LaCie Rikiki Go Drive Is Both Rugged And Metal

LaCie announced the latest in their line of external drives today, the Rikiki Go. Apparently, a Rikiki is a small monkey with a mohawk, as seen in the product documentation on the LaCie website. Regar

LaCie's Xtremkey is probably the ruggedest USB key of them all

<img src="" />For probably two years now I've been using a Corsair Survivor thumbdrive, a reliable little guy that's more

LaCie's Rugged Safe external hard drive is both rugged and safe

<img src=""><a href="">LaCie </a>wants to ensure that your data is safe. Like really safe

LaCie's new net-connected RAID external is featureless and black, like my soul

<img src="" />Luxury storage masters LaCie have introduced a new drive (well, drives) intended for maximum data protection

LaCie's Rugged line of external HDDs just got USB 3.0'd

Few people even have USB 3.0 ports on their PCs at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop peripheral-makers from preparing for the demand. Let’s be honest: as cool as Light Peak sounds, it&#8

Lacie adds eSATA to its rugged line of external drives

See? That’s all. I reviewed the Rugged XL a little while back and my opinion is unchanged (a little expensive but probably worth it for peace of mind), but now you can mentally add “eSATA
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