• Review: Razer Lachesis gaming mouse

    The legend — the myth
    I’ve always wondered about Razer stuff. Before I touched this mouse, I’d never actually been in the same room as a Razer device. I knew they were respected and their mice considered true precision tools. So I was excited when I got this Lachesis to check out. Unfortunately, I think this has been a poor introduction to the world of Razer. Read More

  • Razer Launches Overwrought 4000dpi Mouse

    I’m almost done with the whole Razer vision. Razer makes gaming peripherals that want to star in their own action movies. Take the Lachesis, for example, also known as the “bringer of silent death.” This mouse has 9 programmable buttons, 32KB of memory, and 1ms response time. But WTF? It’s a mouse, people. No mouse deserves a flash intro in the style of Sin City. Read More