• To Infinity And Beyond: Buzz Lightyear, T-Pain, Hot Chocolate And Technology

    To Infinity And Beyond: Buzz Lightyear, T-Pain, Hot Chocolate And Technology

    I’m at the #BoxWorks conference in San Francisco this week, which is an odd place for me to be at first glance. Why odd? Because I don’t really get into or cover “enterprise” technology. It’s nothing against the vertical, I’m just usually involved with smaller startups trying to change the world for people like my Mom. Someone asked me today if I’d like… Read More

  • Skullphone shows up on LA digital billboard

    You know I love me some skulls. LA-based artist Skullphone fooled some folks into thinking he had hacked into 10 Clear Channel billboards in LA, but CC clarified and said he paid to get himself up there. It only ran for two days. Anyone in LA see it in person? via Laughing Squid Read More

  • E3 back in LA, still no booth babes

    What do you think of the sell-through rate on Madden titles versus Take 2’s urban sports series? Miss? E3 was once the promised land for game geeks. In a huge hall in LA you could get and play games, watch scantily clad women who were vying for your attention, and generally feel like you were a plugged in member of an elite gaming force. Now, however, it’s going to be a big… Read More

  • E3 to Return to LA Convention Center, Require Models to Wear Facemasks and Robes

    It seems that the ESA (Electronic Software Association) just can’t make up their minds. First they pulled the plug on the large scale Electronic Entertainment Expo in favor of the E3 Business Summit to be held this July in Santa Monica, but now citing a lack of positive response from the major game publishers, the trade association for the video game industry has announced that for 2008… Read More