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LA Noire To Ship On Three Discs For 360, One For PS3

LA Noire, one of the biggest games on the table this year, will be shipping for Microsoft’s system on three separate discs, and while they assure us it’s “hassle-free,” it&#821

Video: LA Noire's Third Trailer. Hollywood Should Be Taking Notes.

<img src="" />We're just a few weeks away from the release of LA Noire on May 17, and today Rockstar has released the game's third

LA Noire Will Be A Part Of The Tribeca Film Festival

<img src="" />This is pretty big. Rockstar's upcoming LA Noire will be an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival. It's t

Video: LA Noire's Second Trailer Graces Your Monday With Its Presence Ladies and gentlemen: the second LA Noire trailer has landed. “LA Noire?” Yes, it’s the next Rockstar game that will sell 80 zillion copies in

Video: The New Motion Capture Tech Behind LA Noire

<img src="" />My bad, guys. I had meant to post this two days ago, but I was busy meeting a super-secret company in preparation for CES

Video: First Trailer Of Rockstar's LA Noire

<img src="" />Edge had an big article about LA Noire several months back. It's sort of a detective/spy game that takes place in 1940s Lo