La Famiglia VC

Germany’s XaaS platform Equipme secures $3.8M seed led by La Famiglia VC

As the economy has gotten tougher, plenty of companies have switched from buying in assets to renting them. There’s a tortuous acronym for this which is XaaS or “everything as a service,” also r

Berlin VC fund La Famiglia raises €250M for both seed and growth B2B startups

La Famiglia, a Berlin-based VC fund (no, not the Mafia organization, in case there is any confusion) has raised €250 million for its combined third seed fund (which is €165 million) and its first

Flowers Software helps SMBs manage their workflows

Workflow automation may not be what gets you out of bed every morning, but it has long been a hot topic in the world of enterprise software. There are few businesses, after all, that don’t have

Zavvy wants to modernize employee enablement

Employee enablement may not immediately strike you as the most exciting of topics, but giving your new employees tools for onboarding, training and setting up tools for performance reviews and other H

iPhone inside 30 mins? Germany’s Arive brings consumer brands to your door, raises €6M

In Europe and the U.S. we are very much getting used to groceries being delivered within 15 minutes, with a huge battleground of startups in the space. Startups across Europe and the U.S. have raised

No-code business intelligence service y42 raises $2.9M seed round

Berlin-based y42 (formerly known as Datos Intelligence), a data warehouse-centric business intelligence service that promises to give businesses access to an enterprise-level data stack that’s a