• Toshiba L01 prototype on display at CEATEC

    While Sony is prototyping a single-piece flexible OLED netbook, Toshiba is going the modular route with their L01 series netbook thingie. A 7-inch display is paired with a separate QWERTYkeyboard, giving you something akin to a traditional laptop experience. Or you can leave off the keyboard and use the L01 as a digital photo display, if that’s your thing. Read More

  • Fixing a hole: Toshiba's 2009-2010 product roadmap leaked

    Mario and Luigi must be working some incredible overtime these days, what with all the leaks that keep springing up across the Interpipes. Lucky for us, until they get around to fixing all these holes, we all get to enjoy some exciting unknown product rumors. According to the leaked info, Toshiba has 5 new 1 GHz Snapdragon + WinMo 6.5-based devices (2 smartphones/3 MIDs) planned for release… Read More