• Exclusive: KIT digital Acquires KickApps, Kewego AND Kyte For $77.2 Million

    TechCrunch exclusive – If you’d never heard about KIT digital before, you will after today. The provider of cloud-based video asset management solutions has acquired not one, not two but three social software and video companies. The company has acquired New York City-based KickApps, Paris-based Kewego, and San Francisco-based Kyte, for aggregate consideration of approximately… Read More

  • Kyte Jumps On the iPad's HTML5 Bandwagon And Prepares An App SDK

    When Steve Jobs tells the technology industry to get in line, it gets in line pretty quick. All the initial hair-pulling and angst surrounding Apple’s decision to not support Flash on the iPad is already mattering less and less. At least for video, most of the major online video platforms such as Brightcove and Ooyala are supporting HTML5 playback in the iPad browser. YouTube… Read More

  • Kyte Now Offering Broadcast-Quality Live Video Streaming Backpack

    Live video streaming on the web is becoming more and more popular, and for news organizations and brands who don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars a day for a satellite truck there is another option. At SXSW, Kyte is going to release a new product called Kyte LivePro Unwired with Spin magazine. LivePro is a computer in a backpack connected to six data cards all uploading live… Read More

  • Qik rival Bambuser partners with Finnish public broadcaster

    [Sweden] Bambuser, the Stockholm-based videocasting service that rivals the likes of Silicon Valley’s Qik, has announced a partnership with Finland’s YLE. The public service broadcaster represents Bambuser’s first major customer in 2010 and the company is hoping it will lead to other major media companies adopting its platform. YLE, which has never been shy of experimenting… Read More

  • Kyte's iPhone 3GS App Doesn't Live-Stream, But It's Fast With Nice Quality Video

    Kyte has just released its new Mobile Producer app into the App Store [iTunes link]. While it doesn’t require you have an iPhone 3GS, if you want to take advantage of its best feature, video, then you must have one. And if you do, I think you’ll be pretty pleased with how well it works. The app, which is $4.99, is very simple. You boot it up, log in (or create a new account)… Read More

  • Coming To Android This Summer: Kyte, Rummble and Google Books

    Always nice for a reporter to bump into a developer who builds mobile applications for startups and gives you a live preview and details of yet-to-be-announced stuff. No worries, he has permission to talk about the apps (he thinks). The man I’m talking about is Julián Moreno from development house Droiders, and he and his team have been hacking away at some fine apps for the Android… Read More

  • Kyte Streams 50 Million Videos A Month. Rolls Out iPhone Apps For MTV, NBA, And Others.

    In an age when anyone with a video-capable cell phone can have their own TV channel on the Web, it is still the celebrities and rock stars who are getting all the views (just as on Twitter they get the most followers). Kyte CEO Daniel Graf knows this fact all too well. Of the 215,000 video channels on Kyte, nearly all are created by consumers, but only about 1,000 account for more than 90… Read More

  • Ustream Launches Mobile Video Broadcasting Apps

    Live video startup Ustream is making a big push into mobile. Today it is launching a mobile business division, as well as a new set of mobile video broadcasting apps (which can be found here, after login). Right now, the apps work on a wide variety of Nokia phones, including the N95, and on the iPhone, but only jailbroken ones. Alas, the company is still waiting for approval from Apple… Read More

  • Kyte Launches Turn-Key iPhone App Platform

    Given the incredible popularity of the iPhone, many entertainers (and the studios backing them) are eager to establish a presence on Apple’s App Store, but don’t necessarily want to invest in the resources needed to independently develop their own iPhone applications. Today Kyte has launched its iPhone Apps Framework – a turn-key solution that allows Kyte partners to… Read More

  • The Kyte Dashboard: Like Google Analytics For Your Cell-Phone Videos

    Mobile video service Kyte is trying hard these days to please its biggest (paying) customers: music labels and their artists, primarily. Performers such as 50 Cent and John Legend use Kyte to record behind-the-scenes moments on their cell phones and then share them over the web immediately with their fans. To help its customers manage their mobile video channels just as they would any other… Read More

  • Kyte Turns Video Channels Into Mobile Websites

    So far, Kyte has been focusing on getting mobile content (videos shot on a cell phone) onto the Web. For each publisher of mobile video, many of them rock stars and rappers, Kyte creates a branded video player they can put on their Websites. Now, with more media consumption happening right on many mobile handsets, Kyte is going the other way around and letting bands and brands turn their… Read More

  • Flixwagon Matches Qik With 3G iPhone Service, Apple Still MIA

    Hot on the heels of its competitor Qik, mobile video service Flixwagon has released an application for the iPhone 3G that allows users to stream live video from their cell phones. Qik released a similar application for the iPhone 3G yesterday. Unfortunately, like the Qik app, this will only work on jailbroken (hacked) iPhones, which severely limits the potential user base. Here are the… Read More

  • Nokia Plunks Another $150 Million Into Venture Fund

    Nokia doesn’t want to miss the next wave of mobile technologies so it is doubling down on its venture investment activities. The cell phone giant is putting another $150 million to work in Nokia Growth Partners, a fund in which it is the only limited partner. This brings the total capital in the fund to $250 million (Nokia initiated the fund with $100 million in 2004). That is in… Read More

  • Mobile Livecasting Faces Off: Qik vs Kyte vs Flixwagon

    Over the course of the last year we’ve seen an explosion of startups looking to take streaming video to the mobile phone. Smartphones with high-speed data plans and video cameras are becoming increasingly commonplace, and many users are eager to turn their phones into handheld recording studios, even at the cost of video quality. Well-known blogger Robert Scoble, who once said that… Read More

  • iPhone Application Overview And Demo Videos

    It’s not official quite yet, but the iPhone App Store is live and you can download version 2.0 of the iPhone software – which is all you need to run the 552 applications currently available. We’ve been gathering videos and overviews of many of the applications and have held them until now. We received demo vidoes for dozens of applications, ranging from basic games to… Read More

  • Why will kill Qik and Flixwagon in cell phone video space

    The post below is written by Robert Scoble, a top blogger and the founder FastCompanyTV. Robert has been one of the earliest adopters of cell phone video, which offers the ability to stream live to the Internet, with the primary tradeoff being relatively poor video quality. He’s extensively tested all of the major emerging services in this area, including Kyte, Qik and Flixwagon… Read More

  • Kyte Becomes A Mobile-to-Web Video Platform For Brands (Adds New Investors and Live Mobile Streaming)

    Kyte CEO Daniel Graf is taking another big step towards turning the cell phone into a video distribution platform. “This is a big day for Kyte,” he tells me, “our biggest release since we launched our beta last April.” Up till now, Kyte allowed people to create their own personal TV channels on the Web by uploading videos from their cell phones to various widgets and… Read More

  • Jim Choma's Career Joins The Deadpool, Maybe

    If there was one defining breakthrough in 2007 as opposed to the year before, it was live video. From through to the gauntlet of clones live video made its presence felt, even if it’s not dominate today. remains one of my favorite services. It doesn’t have the cool tech Kyte has, or perhaps the wider presence of, but it’s reliable, and it… Read More

  • Treemo Becomes Mobile Media Distribution Platform with Widgets, Facebook Application

    Treemo is a site where you can upload all types of media (photos, videos, audio clips, and text) from your mobile phone or desktop computer and share them with either the general public or just your friends. Until now, the only way to get your Treemo-hosted content distributed elsewhere on the Internet was to use RSS feeds, but the company has just released a set of embeddable widgets and… Read More

  • Kyte Takes $15 Million Series B

    Online video service Kyte has taken $15 million Series B in a round that included Telefonica, Nokia, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Holtzbrinck and DFJ. The new round brings total funding for Kyte to $17.25 million. According to Kyte’s unofficial evangelist Robert Scoble, the announcement was streamed live on Kyte itself, which while demonstrating the product works perhaps compensates for the fact… Read More