Microsoft brings Plug and Play to IoT

Microsoft today announced that it wants to bring the ease of use of Plug and Play, which today allows you to plug virtually any peripheral into a Windows PC without having to worry about drivers, to I

Kyocera’s new phone is designed to be washed with soap and water

Curved screens and AR cameras are all well and good, but here’s a phone feature that extends beyond the flashy and gimmick to the potentially useful. I certainly think about running all of my gadget

Draper Nexus closes $175 million fund, LP’s include Panasonic, Canon and other Japanese tech giants

Early stage venture firm, Draper Nexus, has closed its second fund at $175 million, according to Managing Director Q Motiwala. Its debut fund closed in 2013, at $50 million. Limited partners in Draper

Kyocera’s new rugged handset doubles as an action cam

Rugged is just kind of Kyocera’s thing, when it comes to handsets, and the new DuraForce Pro does its best to uphold that tradition with a Military Standard 810G grade rugged body and IP68 certifica

Patent Troll WiLAN Targets Apple, HP, HTC, Dell And Others In Yet Another Suit

Self-proclaimed "technology innovation and licensing company" <a href="">WiLAN</a>, billed as a notorious patent troll by most anyone else (and often, much worse

Sprint Intros First Phones With New CDMA Push-To-Talk Support

For Sprint, maintaining their aging iDEN network is proving to be more of a headache than it’s worth. Even though their Nextel Direct Connect service still has footholds in certain markets (construc

Mi-Look: Cell Phone For The Elderly, Pedometer And Mobile Alarm System In One

<a href="">Kyocera</a> did what a clever cell phone manufacturer whose home market has the oldest society in the world (over 20% of the Japanese people are 65 or old

Fujitsu Takes A Bad Idea And Makes It Worse, Tries To Compete With Kyocera Echo

<img src="" />First it was the <a href="

Kyocera's Solar Cycle Station: Eco-Friendly Stand For Charging E-Bikes

<img src="" /> Sure, in many cases <a href="">electric bikes<

KDDI au rolls out 8 new (and partly awesome) cell phones

<img src="" /> Japanese telecommunications giants <a href="">SoftBank</

FCC authorizes use of Kyocera's 3.9G iBurst Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System

Not quite 4G, but better than 3G, Kyocera’s 3.9G iBurst Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System (MBWA) has received a Grant of Equipment Authorization from the FCC’s certification arm &#82

Kyocera joins the Android-powered handset club

Love it or hate it, it’s pretty safe to assume that just about all of the big boys in the handset world are tinkering with the idea of bringing an Android device to the market (Well, except for

Virgin Mobile USA to sell Kyocera TNT! for only 20 bucks

Starting Aug 20th, Virgin Mobile USA will be selling Kyocera’s TNT! handset for just $20; the “soft to the touch” handset is already available from Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack. Vi

KDDI au releases 12 new cell phones in Japan

Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au yesterday followed DoCoMo and Softbank with their presentation of 12 new cell phones to be released this summer. The first models will be sold

Kyocera introduces 1,000 sheet-per-minute print head

Here’s an interesting development: Kyocera is building a new KJ4 series print head that can print at 150 meters per minute at 600×600 dpi, which equates to about 1,000 sheets per minute. Ch

Kyocera KR2 router now shipping

I had the KR1 router from Kyocera for a number of months when I was issued a PCMCIA card at my old job. It was a decent router and basically the only one that would work so I didn’t have much of a c

Virgin Mobile Wildcard available in stores

Yo, check it Virgin Mobile users. I bet you guys get excited whenever a new phone comes out, so get ready to pee your pants in joy. If you take a stroll to your local Target, you’ll find the lov

Kyocera MARBL Released On Virgin Mobile

Nothing too exciting here, but certainly worth mentioning. Today Virgin Mobile released yet another inexpensive phone for the pre-paid fanboys. The Kyocera MARBL is just a basic flip-phone with litera


One stand-out device I saw this evening was the Kyocera E5000, an oddly shaped cellie with a fluid, sexy aesthetic. No real info yet, but really the draw is the design. Look at that odd hinge. Look at

Kyocera Wonder Phone

Kyocera today unleashed upon Japan the W51K, a device that I’m extremely jealous of. This svelte wonder comes with 65MB of on-board storage, TV tuner, FM tuner, MP3/video playback and a 2-megapixel