• Pioneer gives up: No more Kuro plasma TVs from May

    We covered the news that Pioneer shuts down TV production back in February and today Pioneer Japan revealed a number of details about their radical move [JP]. In short: There will be no more Kuro plasma TVs from May this year. Pioneer calls it quits after 12 years of plasma TV production. Read More

  • Europe getting two new Limited Edition Pioneer Kuro plasmas

    Pioneer is making two Limited Edition Kuro HDTVs available to lucky Euro A/V trash this Holiday season. It seems these editions are simply the KRP-500A with a different color bezel options. They sport the same external set-top box style input receiver, extreme black contrast ratio and the rest of the stellar Pioneer specs. Only 1,000 KRP-500ABG beige models and 1,500 KRP-500AW white… Read More

  • None more black: Pioneer's Kuro Monitors

    Let’s start with a quote: The Elite KURO Signature Series PRO-101FD (50-inch class) and PRO-141FD (60-inch class) monitors are now shipping for the suggested price of $5,500 and $7,000, respectively. 50 inches of pure black Kuro for $5,500? Where do I sign? Pioneer is launching two new high-end monitors – probably for retail and design use – that offer monstrous blacks in… Read More

  • Pioneer's "absolute black" feature sounds sinister but effective

    The new KURO line of TVs from Pioneer have one thing in mind: blackness. I’m okay with that. They say that the new line of KUROs has blacks several times deeper than the last line, though at this point I start wondering whether we’re getting diminishing returns; one can only see so much black. I think it’s a “see for yourself” kind of thing, and I look forward to it. Read More

  • Pioneer expanding KURO into projectors

    Pioneer announced this morning that they will be expanding their KURO initiative into projectors. The Elite KURO projector will be full HD (1080p) and features a wide lens shift capacity and support for HDMI 1.3. Only serious home theater buffs need apply next month since the projector will go for $9,000. Read More

  • Pioneer Project Kuro

    Product Name: Project Kuro
    Description: 50-inch flat panel display that weighs a mere 41 pounds and is the thinnest panel at 9mm.
    Price: Concept
    In-store date: These fully-operational concept televisions will not be commercially-available in 2008.
    Why it’s cool: It’s cool, but it’s a concept so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Read More

  • Pioneer Kuro HDTVs Only Do 720p

    Wow. Pioneer is trying a little too hard to advertise its Kuro line of HDTVs. Pioneer’s plasmas are usually fine, so its “look how great they are!” is a little troubling. The Kuro line is split in two: the Kuro and the Elite Kuro. Both are available in 42-, 50- and 60-inch models, but none of them are 1080p. Hmmm… Strange, considering it’s 2007. Both models have… Read More