• Ksplice Now Free for Fedora Users

    Ksplice, the technology that allows Linux kernel updates without a reboot, is now free for users of the Fedora distribution. Using Ksplice is like “replacing your car’s engine while speeding down the highway”, and it can potentially save your Linux systems from a lot of downtime. Since Fedora users often live on the bleeding edge of Linux development, Ksplice makes it even… Read More

  • Ksplice Uptrack now available for Linux users everywhere

    Last summer we wrote about Ksplice, a hot new technology that allows Linux kernel updates to be applied in real time, without requiring a reboot. Whether you want to use this for your personal laptop, or a lab room full of PCs, or a data center hosting environment, Ksplice Uptrack, the company’s hosted service, is now available to the general public. They’re offering a thirty day… Read More

  • The holy grail of 100% uptime is a little bit closer

    Whether your a systems administrator managing hundreds or thousands of machines, or a freelance designer working on your trusty laptop, chances are that a mandatory system update has, at one time or another, interrupted your day with a mandatory reboot. When it’s just your laptop, it’s not so bad — get a refill on that coffee! — but when it’s hundreds or thousands… Read More