• More Edge Reviews – iNods

    The rise of edge content continues – iNods, which launched today, is the most recent example. iNods aggregates blog and other edge review content and displays it in a centralized way for users. Unlike similar services kritX and blogcritics, which aggregate general review information contained on blogs (and are excellent), iNods is completely focused on shopping. Like the others, iNods… Read More

  • Edge Of Network Reviews – KritX

    KritX is very raw, but they are on to something big – aggregation of reviews from blogs (the edge of the network). I wrote in a recent post (no. 9) that I’d like to see someting like this be built. Don’t look so much at the current execution of Kritx and judge them too quickly – think about the idea that they are trying to exploit. There are millions of passionate… Read More