Kortney Ryan Ziegler

Uptrust raises new money to fight mass incarceration with technology

While most technology companies are building up a surveillance state to serve political powers and private profiteering, Uptrust is using some of those same tools to make it easier to move people out

Meet The People Vying For The First-Ever Diversity Crunchie Award

In case you haven't noticed, diversity and inclusion are really important in tech, which is why we've stepped up our diversity coverage and have decided to present the first-ever award for diversity,

Trans*H4CK Founder On Equity In Tech And The Need For Queer Inclusivity

Trans*H4CK, a series of hackathons for transgender and gender non-conforming people, recently launched a Q&A web series featuring trans people in tech. I recently sat down with Trans*H4CK founder

The Future Of Trans*H4CK

Despite his degree, Ziegler said he had a hard time finding a job as a black trans man. “I finished school at 29, and spent all these years at school and then struggled with transgender discriminati