• Snake Camouflage: Japan Gets Exclusive Metal Gear Solid 3DS System

    Snake Camouflage: Japan Gets Exclusive Metal Gear Solid 3DS System

    Resident Evil isn’t the only big video game series that made the news in Nippon today: Konami announced [JP] the so-called METAL GEAR SOLID SNAKE EATER 3D PREMIUM PACKAGE for the Japanese market. The set includes a special 3DS system, a copy of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, and two clear files in MGS design. Here’s the so-called “Snake Camouflage”-style… Read More

  • Golf Connection: Web-Connected Golf Simulator (Video)

    Golf Connection: Web-Connected Golf Simulator (Video)

    Konami isn’t just a video game maker. The company is also in the business of producing amusement machines (mainly for the Japanese market), and recently showcased its newest model: the aptly named Golf Connection [JP]. “Virtual golf simulators” like this aren’t new, but Konami’s version (which is based on a high-speed camera and two sensors) has a few… Read More

  • LovePlus: Konami's Dating Sim Gets Otaku Cell Phone Chargers

    In September last year, Konami Japan released a dating simulation called LovePlus that went on to become a huge hit on the Nintendo DS. It’s so successful that last November, a Japanese man married a character from the game. Now Konami decided to give a merchandising license to Tokoy-based Webcrew Agency [JP], which today announced cell phone chargers [JP] based on LovePlus. Read More

  • Theoretical Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA Demo Showdown

    The European soccer season is well under way, and that could mean only one thing: the new FIFA and PES games are right around the corner! I’m a PES man myself, but I’m more than willing to give the new FIFA a try. And why not? Both EA and Konami have released demos of both games today. Here’s what you can expect. Read More

  • E3 2010: Hands-on with the surprisingly good AAA: Héroes del Ring

    Rather than use E3 to pile on the mountains and mountains of hype of the big-bidget titles, I’ve elected to sprinkle through our coverage the small little gems that might otherwise go unnoticed. First on the docket is AAA: Héores del Ring a lucha libre (Mexican-style higly-flying pro-wrestling) game that’ll hit your Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP on August 10 of this year. I had… Read More

  • FIFA Soccer 11, Pro Evolution Soccer 11 first details

    Both EA and Konami have revealed details regarding the next FIFA, called FIFA Soccer 10 in the U.S., and Pro Evolution Soccer, called Pro Evolution Soccer 11, games, respectively. The first detail: they exist. There was approximately a zero percent chance that EA and Konami wouldn’t continue with the franchises, but you and I know that big corporations make terrible decisions all the time. Read More

  • Video: Metal Gear Solid Arcade 3D in action

    We’ve covered Metal Gear Solid 3D (whose first playable version was announced by Konami last week) twice so far, and now it’s time to look at the game in more detail. Konami is still in the middle of optimizing the gameplay (which is based on Metal Gear Online) and hasn’t fixed a release date yet. In the video embedded below, you can see a model holding a gun in her hands… Read More

  • Metal Gear Arcade 3D: Konami announces first playable version

    Konami’s hit game series Metal Gear Solid is finally getting an arcade treatment: Aptly named “Metal Gear Solid Arcade 3D”, the game was first shown during the E3 last year in the US. Konami has now announced [JP] it will bring the game cabinet to the AOU 2010 expo tomorrow in its full glory. And, for the first time, the title will be playable. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: All Konami iPhone games on sale for $.99

    Got a buck? Own an iThing? Like to game and save money? Sweet! Then you’ll be really happy to hear that Konami’s entire collection of iPhone / iPod touch games are all on sale for $.99 until Saturday, November 21. Read More