• Kohort Is Group Management Done Simple, Yet Robust

    Groups are all the rage right now. Facebook is focusing on them. Google is thought to be focusing on them. GroupMe, Beluga, etc. The fact that so many companies are focusing on them shows a common belief that they’re extremely important. Kohort, a new service launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, believes this as well. They just believe that everyone else has failed at them… Read More

  • Stealth NYC Startup Kohort Raises $3 Million Seed Round From IA Ventures, RRE, And More

    A stealth startup in New York City called Kohort has raised a pretty hefty “seed” round of $3 million from a large group of VCs and angels. IA Ventures led the round. But other investors getting in on the action include RRE Ventures, Countour, FF Venture Capital, and both David Cohen and David Tisch of TechStars (investing personally). CEO Mark Davis is well-known in New York… Read More