• Motorola launches MOTOZINE ZN5

    Remember zines? Well, this is nothing like that. This is Motorola’s latest “Z”-themed phone featuring a 5-megapixel sensor from Kodak (it actually takes some nice photos). The camera launches instantly when needed by sliding the front lens protector and you can upload images automatically or use Kodak’s EasyShare Suite to edit and move the photos on the PC. Read More

  • Kodak to sell pre-loaded picture frames

    I got my mom a digital picture frame and I don’t think she turned it on. Even though it’s one of those fancy ones with Wi-Fi and web sharking, she just can’t fathom its manifold complexities. Kodak’s new frames, on the other hand, hold up to 100 snapshots, pre-loaded by the factory. You can also add new images with a Kodak flash card, also pre-loaded. Minutes… Read More

  • Flashback: Kodak's first digicam

    It was Kodak that made the first digital camera in the year before I was born. It was cobbled together out of spare parts in the Kodak labs and was less than .01 megapixels in resolution. It was the size of a toaster and it took 23 seconds to record a black and white image to a cassette tape. That’s all so retro cool. It was “portable”, but nobody at Kodak likely thought it as… Read More

  • Motorola ZN5 aka X PIXL photos leaked

    Remember way back in October I told you about a handful of Motorola phones that everyone thought were fake? Well, it looks like the X PIXL is real and Kodak is supplying the optics for the Motorola ZN5 as it’s being called now. The 5-megapixel Xenon flash handset looks mighty fine, but I’m not fond of the new keyboards that Motorola is putting on their devices like the ROKR and Z9. Read More

  • Kodak's new digital photo frames feature gesture-based input

    [photopress:kodak.jpg,full,left]Kodak’s dropped a trio of new digital photo frames that lack the usual controls or remote control that most frames come with. Instead the frames have a multitouch-like “Quick Touch Border”, allowing for gesture-based input to browse or display photos. It’s a cool idea. The M820 and M1020 are 8- and 10-inch frames, respectively… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Kodak Z1085 IS

    [photopress:102_0223.JPG,full,pp_image] Kodak announced a number of entry- to mid-level point and shoots at CES and the Z1085 IS is one of the higher-end monsters. It is just now shipping and I got the chance to sit down with some Kodak folks to discuss what makes this model better than the rest. Basically, the camera performs considerably more post-processing on the pictures than competitors. Read More

  • Kodak, Vivitar not giving up on film; new SLR on the way

    Digital has almost completely replaced film in the casual set and is making inroads among professionals and artists, but that doesn’t mean film is being completely forgotten. Kodak and Vivitar have not forgotten their roots, and are creating a new film camera aimed at universities teaching “traditional photography.” They say it’ll be similar to the V3000.
    I’m… Read More

  • Kodak has a 3-inch OLED photoframe with digital TV

    [photopress:ELTV_Front_s.jpg,full,center]The one thing I’ve had against digital photo frames is that they’re showy. They have to be backlit, which makes them stand out, and looks odd. OLEDs promise to make more realistic looking photo frames, and this cute little 3-inch model from Kodak is one of the first out of the chute. At only 8mm wide, the ELiTe Vision KTEL-30W has a 3-inch… Read More

  • Kodak, Slide help you win brownie points all year long with the lady friend

    One of the biggest selling points for social networks, at least for me, is the ability to upload and see others photos. It’s pretty much the only way I stay in touch with friends in different parts of the country and world. I know there are other photo hosting sites that do some slide show stuff that you can embed onto your MySpace or Facebook page, but for those of you who use… Read More

  • Kodak is shrinking its cameraphone sensors

    There are already some phones that take some decent, high-megapixel pictures; Sony-Ericsson comes to mind as a company at the forefront of mobile phone cams. Kodak’s new sensor is a 1.4 micron-per-pixel CMOS, which saves space over the 1.75 micron-per-pixel sensors that are common now but keeps the photo quality. For tiny cameras like these, however, I think megapixels are the least… Read More

  • Kodak announces lightning fast 10-megapixel camera

    Today at PMA, Kodak announced the Easyshare Z1012IS, which is a 10-megapixel, 12x optical zoom wonder with OIS. It also has a lightning fast click-to-capture speed that’s best in class at 0.14 seconds with aufo-focus accuracy. ISO can be cranked up to 3200 for those fast action, low light situations. Kodak’s latest slew of cameras have smart capture technology that… Read More

  • CES 2008: Kodak's next wave of point-and-shoot digital cameras

    [photopress:V1273FrontLv3.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Kodak Easyshare V1273, M1033 and Z1085 IS Zoom digital cameras
    Description: Digital cameras
    Price: V: Starts at $200; Z: Starts at $200; M: Starts at $130
    In-store date: All of ’em in the first half of 2008
    Site: Kodak
    Why it’s cool: Because photography is fun. I’m gonna say the V series is the one to watch here, what… Read More

  • CrunchDeals/Woot: Kodak EasyShare V803, 5100 only $155

    Today on Woot is the Kodak V803, which is an 8-megapixel with 3x optical zoom, a 2.5-inch LCD, ISO up to 1600, QT MPEG-4 movie mode and it has 32MB of internal storage plus an SD slot. The 5100 prints, scans and copies. They’re both brand new, too. That is all. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free $30 credit to Kodakgallery.com

    Well that was an easy $30. Create or log into your Kodakgallery.com account, click the Credits & Discounts link, and apply the code KFHX-NYCWSIMV to get $30 store credit towards anything except actual photo prints. The credit is good until the end of February, 2008. Photo Gifts at Kodakgallery.com [Use code: KFHX-NYCWSIMV] via FatWallet.com Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Kodak V1253 HD camera plus free AC adapter plus free 1GB memory card for $230, shipped

    Holy crap, this is a big one. Best Buy has the HD-capable Kodak EasyShare V1253 camera with a $50 price break, a free 1GB memory card, a free AC adapter, and free shipping for $229.99. Even I couldn’t pass this one up, so I broke out my little yellow Best Buy card and am now anxiously waiting for this to arrive. You may remember this camera from yesterday, as it’s part of our… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Kodak EasyShare V1253

    The promise of the Kodak’s EasyShare V1253 is immense. As the world’s first compact cam with a video capture function that can pull high-def (that’s 720p, and no I’m not counting those Sanyo products), this could represent a rare case of digital convergence that carves out an entirely new niche. Read more… Read More

  • Kodak's Picture Kiosk G4 More Fun Than It Should Be

    Until yesterday, I hadn’t used a photo kiosk since the year 2000. At that time all the kiosk had was a flatbed scanner and maybe a floppy and/or CD-ROM, but I don’t remember (dude, it was seven years ago. Back off!). I was given the opportunity to test out the newest kiosk from Kodak yesterday—the Kodak Picture Kiosk G4—and while most of the things it does I can do at… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Kodak 5300 All-in-One Printer

    Now that you’ve won a camera, how about a photo printer to go along with it? Kodak has donated a Kodak 5300 All-in-One Printer featuring Kodak’s new ultra-cheap ink technology. Check out our review and read on for how to enter. Read More

  • Kodak Camera Sensor May Eliminate Flash

    Kodak today unveiled its biggest load of crap by announcing that it has developed a way to eliminate flash use on a camera. Thanks to new imaging technology in its new camera sensors, you may not even need a flash the next time you go to take that award-losing night-shot. Only problem is, no matter how good your imaging sensor is, if it’s dark out, it’s dark out. Your pictures… Read More

  • Motorola and Kodak Working On 5-Megapixel Cameraphone

    Kodak and Motorola are currently at work on a 5-megapixel cameraphone using a Kodak-developed CMOS sensor. This was confirmed yesterday when Kodak President Antonio Perez jumped up on a conference table and shouted “Five megapixels in your face and up your butt, baby!” Of course this is just speculation. Other than the 5-megapixel CMOS sensor, Perez didn’t mention much… Read More