Lawyer Bait: The iFrame Digital Picture Frame

<img src="" />I wonder whether the creators of this particular digital picture frame know that Apple actually has something called <a hre

It's a list of fake things that look like real things

<img src="" />I point you in the direction of Business Insider, which has compiled a list of knock-off products that's worth your time

MacBook Air lookalike is more netbook-y but only costs $250

<img src="">Oh wow, take a look at that MacBook Ai—hey, that’s not a MacBook Air! It’s a $250 netbook from China! That

Wii Fit Balance Board now comes in 'knockoff blue'

<img src="" alt="Balance Board" />Looking for a Wii Balance Board but don't want to have to buy Wii Fit just to get one?

Sony VAIO P knockoff – the ‘VAINO’ – is a suckier, netbookier version

<img src="">Outstanding. The Sony VAIO P has a knockoff in the “VAINO” – a name which seems to suggest someone be

So fun Engrish iPhone knockoffs for great victory!

Really, how could you not want to buy this phone? Check out its stats: it can be ued all over the world Supports: Work for all over world Language:English, Spaish, Portugal, Chinese(complexity), Chine

Video: The Hiphone gets unboxed, reviewed

Another day, another Apple knockoff. Meet the Hiphone, a clone from Hong Kong. It sure looks like an iPhone, and is packaged like an iPhone, but it apparently isn’t anything like the iPhone. I&# selling $70 iPod Touch knockoff

I just received an e-mail from inviting me to “Touch the Future of Portable Entertainment” with this $70 device that looks an awful lot like my much more expensive iPod Touch, wh

'HiPhone' looks mighty familiar, almost iPhone-like

All hail the new king of fake iPhones. It’s $239.00 (plus $15 shipping) direct from China, has two (count ’em, two) SIM slots, triband GSM, is unlocked and carries no contract, comes with

Asus Eee lookalike: Priced $50 more, big hand added

Here’s an idea. Take a 2GB Asus Eee PC, change almost nothing, and add $50 to the price tag. That’s what Cybertron’s done with its “new” line of Mini-PC computers. For $3