knock off

The New iPhone Already Has An Android-Powered Clone

<em>Psst. Yeah, you. Wanna buy a new iPhone? No, the new iPhone, the one that’s not out yet. It's not important how I got it, are you in or not?</em> Apple aficionados may have September 12 circl

Introducing The Amazing, Magical HiPhone 5

If you've got $30 burning a hole in your pocket you can be the proud owner of a brand new HiPhone 5, a knock-off iPhone 5 modelled - we presume - on the leaked pictures of the iPhone 5. The phone, whi

Good morning my friend are you involved in wanting a mini iPhone? For you I have nice one!

<img src=""> <a HREF="">SlashyG</a> has a 9 minute vid

“Someone just knocked-off MiWi”, says Nintendo in a cockney accent

iPhone knock-off part 1: Boway BW7000

Need an iPhone-like interface, a squirrel wheel, and keypad? Can’t wait for the iPhone 3: Steve’s Revenge? Pick up the BW7000. This is a GSM phone with full keypad which with never —