• Wenger Titanium Tool Is Titanium

    We had a nice little multi-tool roundup over the holidays, but there are way more than we could ever review, not to mention new ones coming out all the time. This one stands out for two reasons: it’s designed to the spec of mountaineer Ueli Steck, and it’s made of lightweight titanium. Who can say no to a titanium steck-knife? Read More

  • TB Groupe's Evercut: The Ultimate Knife?

    I don’t often get knife envy, because that’s a really scary kind of envy to admit you have, but if you don’t get knife envy looking at this incredible piece of hardware, there is something wrong with you. The Evercut knife is titanium carbide laser-bonded to steel, and they claim it’ll out-cut and outlast the best blades out there by a huge margin. Read More

  • Handmade knife chipped from fiber optic glass

    Flint (and glass) knapping is no longer practiced on a large scale, but it used to be the primary method of making weapons for primitive cultures. In this day and age of course, it’s easy to go to the sporting goods store and pick up a quality steel knife, but it wasn’t always so. Read More

  • Hands-on with the Kapoosh Knife holder: Actually kind of cool

    I saw this a few weeks ago and was impressed. It’s basically a universal knife holder that allows you to slap in any knife in your collection without having to have special holes in the holder. In theory, it seems to work, although in practice there are some complaints. Read More

  • Quirky Switch pocket-knife is modular-tastic

    Say you’re going on a picnic and don’t want to bring a huge bulky pocket knife. What would you bring? Maybe a knife, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. Or say you’re planning on dismembering and eating a baby seal? What would you bring then? Probably the same stuff. But the Switch from Quirky makes picnics and ritual seal dismemberment easy and fun! The product is a… Read More

  • Gerber Crucial Multitool

    I’m a sucker for a multi-tool. I had a great Swiss Army one – I think it was Victorinox – but I lost that and then I got a Leatherman. This one looks nice, though. It has a caribiner, a saw, two screwdrivers, and a knife. Best of all it’s only $37, which is considerably less than I paid for my Leatherman. It will be available at RockyNational in July. Click through for… Read More

  • 25th anniversary sterling silver Leatherman

    For those men who need something a little more high-end when they try to install a freaking ceiling fan while their wife is on the couch yelling at them to call the contractor and they’re convinced that they’ll install this damned ceiling fan, contractor be damned, and the wife goes to do something in the kitchen and suddenly they feel a jolt of electricity running through the… Read More

  • Presto EverSharp

    <img class="right" src=" when I saw this crazy knife sharpener on Uncrate. The utilizes a two-stage system with Sapphirite sharpening wheels to render your blades certifiably deadly and not suitable for children (or Blake). It's electric, so you don't have to flail your arms wildly during the sharpening process. Read More

  • Badassery: Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife

    I have a fascination with knives. Not really sure why, but there is something I’ve always found appealing about them. Unfortunately, I have about as much coordination as a blind quadriplegic, so knives and me really don’t splice. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me from oogling this Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife from behind the safety of my monitor. It’s equipped with… Read More