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  • Knight Rider poll results and a poll aboutThe Big Bang Theory wall thingie

    Okay, First things first. 74% of the poll takers aren’t fans of the new Knight Rider; not a big surprise. More importantly though, the Big Bang Theory investigation thickens as there wasn’t a clear cut answer about WTF that thing is on the apartment wall. There were two common themes from my question yesterday though: either a some sort of keyboard/piano action or an… Read More

  • Knight Rider gets a full season *sigh*

    Knight Rider definitely hasn’t earned praise from the car or nerd communities thanks to an overwhelming story line and a cheesy K.I.T.T but that hasn’t stopped NBC from ordering up a full season of the show. The Micheal Knight wannabe will be back for at least nine more episodes or until NBC suits wake up and cancel the remake. {democracy:40} Read More

  • Review: Mio Knight Rider GPS

    There are lots of GPS units out there, talking to lots of drivers.  Some people may even enjoy the voices produced by their GPS units. But only the Mio Knight Rider GPS can speak to you in the voice of William Daniels, the original voice of KITT from the Knight Rider television show. Sure, it’s gimmicky, but it’s also a lot of fun to hear Daniels’ voice giving you… Read More

  • Some dude's hopping mad 'bout the new Knight Rider series

    Who seriously thought that the Knight Rider remake was going to be good? I mean, come on; NBC is doing it? Maybe, just maybe, if FX, HBO, or Showtime was producing the remake, it would of had a chance. But if you are currently watching the show and don’t like what you see, you might enjoy this guys good ‘ol fashion blogging rant. Note to all would be producers of TV and movies remakes. Read More

  • Video: Hands on with the Knight Rider GPS from Mio Oh, it’s true, folks. This is the real deal. The Knight Rider GPS from Mio has a tentative launch set… Read More

  • Finally, a GPS unit voiced by the Knight Rider guy

    If your name is Michael and you’re into GPS systems, then have I got the unit for you. The Knight Rider GPS by Mio features voice directions by none other than William Daniels, the voice of KITT on the Knight Rider series. When you fire the gadget up, you’ll hear “Hello, Michael. Where do you want to go today?” No word on a release date, but the price will be $270 when… Read More

  • KITT 2008 uses Apple hardware

    [photopress:KITT_01.jpg,full,center] The keyboard in that two hour long Ford commercial from Sunday night? Yah, it’s from a Mac. Does that mean KITT is running Leopard? No, his Wi-Fi likely works. Zing! KITT 2008 powered by a Mac? [Macenstein] Read More

  • Dear Mom: KITT is up on eBay

    I know you read this blog, Mom, to keep tabs on me. And because you’re proud that I’m the only guy here yet to make dick jokes, so I’d like to draw your attention to an auction on eBay. You might remember when growing up that Knight Rider was one of my favorite shows after the Dukes of Hazzard and The A-Team. I always wanted to drive KITT, and now I can. See, KITT is up… Read More

  • Knight Rider making a comeback Transformers style, wtf?!

    If you haven’t already realized this I loves me some comic bookish TV shows and movies. My previous Transformers and Iron Man coverage should make that quite apparent. Although, I didn’t post the Iron Man trailer because everyone else at CG thought it was lame, but here’s the link in case you missed it. Man, this coffee is making me all sorts of antsy (Note to self: no… Read More