Misen, the internet-only knife brand, gets to paring

When we last left Misen they were crowdfunding a very nice, very usable chef’s knife. They completed their crowdfunding goal and shipped the knife last year. Now they’re back with a paring

The Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife Keeps Your Money Safe

<img src="" />Designed by John Kubasek, the Creditor carbon fiber money clip knife can keep you and your money safe

The ‘anti-stab’ knife that works just fine in the kitchen but can't kill a man

<img src="" />The average American probably doesn't know this, but there's a <i>huge</i> problem with knife-crime in the UK. (That's what

Review: Stanley FatMax Utility Knives

Short Version: One of these Stanley FatMax Utility Knifes impresses, one does not. One is solid and one is dangerous. One is useful, one is not. One will break, one should last.

Scare the neighbor kids with this DIY blood-spurting knife

Feel like being the creepy guy that sits on the porch and scares the 10-year olds when they proclaim “trick or treat”? This knife should do the trick.  PDF via MAKE

The teeniest utility knife in all the land

The Goblin King looked down from his throne at his subjects, cowered in terror, arrayed before him. “Who among you can slay me!” he cried and no one dared to answer. Then, from the back of

Glow Cutlery for when you eat KFC at a warehouse rave

Whoa! Gnarly man! Are we in the year 1992 or 2002?! Golly! This Glow Cutlery sells for only $6 and includes a fork, knife and spoon. Glowsticks and ecstasy not included. Glow Cutlery – for midni