• Kmart and Sears have a product page for the PS3 Slim – ZOMG!

    Oh boy, kiddies. The PS3 Slim rumor just got a whole lot more credible. Kmart and Sears both have a product page live for the PS3 Slim. The Sears page even states the following PS3, SLIM High-Definition Blu-ray player for the best movie experience. Free PLAYSTATION Network membership. 120GB HDD for downloading games, music, videos, and photos. Includes DUAL SHOCK 3 controller. HDMI output… Read More

  • Attention Kmart Shoppers: Your Social Elements Are On Aisle 3

    When it comes to the web, one name that doesn’t exactly jump out at you is Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC). Certainly, you might think that during a economic downtime, the parent company of Sears and Kmart has more pressing things to worry about than social networking. But it is thinking about them. And tomorrow, it’s launching a couple sites to prove it. MySears and MyKmart… Read More

  • Kmart Black Friday ad round-up

    Wow, Kmart will be open from 7AM to 9PM on Thanksgiving Day, which should leave just enough time for employees to make the traditional super late-night Thanksgiving dinner with their families. The store’s ads are spread out across four circulars, so here are some of the better deals from each: Read More

  • Kmart ad gives Xbox 360 price cut rumor some legs

    If last week’s RadioShack ad wasn’t convincing enough then maybe this purported Kmart ad will make a believer out of you. Another price cut is imminent, folks, and it couldn’t come at a better time. It’s almost gift giving time! via Joystiq Read More