Inside Atari’s rise and fall

By the first few months of 1982, it had become more common to see electronics stores, toy stores, and discount variety stops selling 2600 games. This was before Electronics Boutique, Software Etc., an

Kmart and Sears have a product page for the PS3 Slim – ZOMG!

Oh boy, kiddies. The PS3 Slim rumor just got a whole lot more credible. Kmart and Sears both have a product page live for the PS3 Slim. The Sears page even states the following PS3, SLIM High-Definiti

Attention Kmart Shoppers: Your Social Elements Are On Aisle 3

<img src="" width="190" height="103" />When it comes to the web, one name that doesn't exactly jump out at you is Sears Holdings Co

Kmart Black Friday ad round-up

Wow, Kmart will be open from 7AM to 9PM on Thanksgiving Day, which should leave just enough time for employees to make the traditional super late-night Thanksgiving dinner with their families. The sto

Kmart ad gives Xbox 360 price cut rumor some legs

If last week’s RadioShack ad wasn’t convincing enough then maybe this purported Kmart ad will make a believer out of you. Another price cut is imminent, folks, and it couldn’t come a