Kinetise now lets you download the code you make in their drag and drop app creator

The world of mobile development is a hairy one. You can code things yourself and hurt your brain on React Native or you can use a drag-and-drop editor and get locked into one platform forever. But now

App platform Kinetise aims to bring app building to the enterprise

Kinetise, an app building platform and Disrupt hackathon favorite, aims to democratize the the the process of creating native mobile apps for iOS and Android in the enterprise. Using a drag-and-drop i

Kinetise Aims To Let You Make An MVP In A Box

When we first met Kinetise they were building a tool to allow anyone with no programming experience build a solid app for iOS and Android. Now, with a bit of improvement, they’re ready to unleas

Kinetise Lets Devs Create Five Working Mobile Apps At Once

Mobile app creators are a dime-a-dozen. However, few are as thorough and powerful as <a target="_blank" href="">Kinetise</a>, which allows you to create apps in a few minutes