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Amazon Officially Announces The New Kindle Paperwhite: “Paperwhite” Display, Frontlighting, 8 Week Battery, And 212 PPI

There's plenty to talk about here at Amazon's Los Angeles press conference. The Kindle Fire 2 is obviously a hot topic of discussion, but lest you forget the product that started it all: The Kindle. A

Amazon Rumor Roundup: Faster And Cheaper Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch With Better Screen And Maybe A Phone

<a target="_blank" href="">Amazon</a> is a company that just <a href="">cannot stop leaking information</a> about it

Kindle Touch To Debut In Europe On April 27, Still No Kindle Fire In Sight

For all the benefits that come with living in Europe -- sharing a unified currency, easy access to medical care -- getting timely access to Amazon's popular line of Kindle e-readers isn't one of them.

The Horror: Kindle Touch 3G Disables Web Browsing Over 3G

Those tricksy Amazonians! The <a HREF="">Kindle Touch 3G</a> will have an experimental browser built-in but it will only run

Why No Kindle Touch Or Fire For EU, UK?

Jeff Bezos <a href="">recently said</a> tha

TCTV: Hands On With The Kindle Touch

The first device Jeff Bezos showed off at today's <a HREF="">Amazon</a> event was the diminutive <a HREF="