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With The HDX, Amazon Turns The Kindle Into A Multimedia Powerhouse

Meet the new Kindle, which is (almost) the same as the old Kindle. Amazon has been building LCD tablets - called Kindle Fires - for a mere 24 months and they've far surpassed the first clunky Fire wit

Amazon Faces High-Stakes Challenge In Scaling Mayday On-Demand Support

What happens when it's easier to call tech support than to Google your problem? Amazon might discover the costly answer to that question depending on how much the owners of its new <a href="https://be

Amazon Introduces Mayday, A Unique And Amazingly Useful Live Tech Support System For Kindle

Live support has always been a dream for major retailers. While chat solutions already exist, today Amazon announced a new support service available on Kindle HD products called Mayday. It is a single

Amazon Announces The Kindle HDX 7- And 8.9-Inch Tablets With High-Res Screens, 2GHz Processors

<a href="">Amazon</a> has upped the Fire tablet ante with two new HDX models in 7- and 8.9-inch sizes with brand-new, high-resolution screens and running an updat