• Kiko Guys Back As Reality TV Stars

    Two years ago Y Combinator invested in Justin Kan and Emmett Shear’s calendaring company, Kiko, which eventually folded after Google Calendar launched in 2006. The Kiko guys have returned to the startup scene since their acquisition on eBay with two new partners and a new quirky live blogging startup, Justin.TV, also funded by Y Combinator. Justin.TV is a website entirely devoted to… Read More

  • Interview With Kiko Acquiror Elliot Noss

    We have a new podcast up on TalkCrunch – an interview with Tucows CEO Elliot Noss. Tucows just acquired one year old Ajax calendar Kiko for $250,000 on ebay. We spoke for about twenty minutes on his reasons for buying the company and what he plans on doing with it. Elliot also talks for a few minutes about the bidding drama on ebay, where the sale price increased by over $100k in the… Read More

  • Kiko Flatlines

    Online calendering company has decided to call it quits and put the site up for auction on eBay. They are also offering to export or delete user accounts. It looks like the Deadpool may gain another member. The Massachusetts company was backed by Paul Graham’s YCombinator, offered some very cool features, an API and guts made of Ruby on Rails – but in the end it just… Read More

  • Kiko – a Screenshot

    Kiko (see our post below), an ajax calendar application, is working now and we were able to grab a screenshot. First impression: Kiko is a usable calendaring application with nice sharing features. Try it. Read More

  • Kiko – Ajax + Calendar

    Company: Kiko
    Launched: August 31, 2005
    Location: Cambridge, MA. Overview: Online calendar solutions are launching quite regularly now – see Trumba and Hula for examples. But while Trumba is charging $40 a year, and Hula is an open source project, not an application that we can just use, Kiko seems to be free, simple to use, and ajax based. At least, I can’t find anything on the… Read More