Kik Introduces Hashtags To Bring Mini Social Networks To Its Messaging Service

Messaging app Kik is embracing one of the hallmarks of social networks after it introduced hashtag on its service. An update to the iOS and Android apps today turns hashtags into clickable links to ch

Chat App Kik Raises $38M And Buys GIF Messenger Relay In First Acquisition Deal

Canada-based startup Kik, which has largely flown under the radar, is making a big move to win the race in the West after announcing a $38.3 million Series C funding round and its first acquisition.

Kik Introduces Promoted Chats To Let Brands On Its Messaging App And Finally Make Money

Advertising doesn't have to be the answer to making money. That's the ideology behind messaging app company Kik's latest feature -- Promoted Chats -- which allows its 150 million-plus registered to op

Messaging 2.0 Is Now Over

The second messaging revolution is now quickly coming to a close. With the news today that Korea’s leading messenger KakaoTalk is merging with one of that country’s largest internet portals, Daum

Kik Makes Screening The Default As It Moves To Embrace ‘New Friend’ Network Status

Social network and instant messaging app Kik is making a small, crucial change to its platform today: new messages from strangers now show up with both avatar and any pics and content contained therei

Kik Founder On Facebook Buying WhatsApp: Mobile Messaging Now “Table Stakes”

Mobile messaging consolidation is coming fast and heavy recently, with the Viber/Rakuten deal and today’s WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook. Another contender in the space, Waterloo-based Kik, ha

Kik Ditches ‘Cards’ Concept, Instead Offers A Built-In Browser That Works With Any Mobile Site

Kik has a new version out today that makes it the first messenger app to offer a built-in browser experience that’s integrated into messages themselves for easy sharing. The browser is designed

Kik Hits 100M Users, Adding New Ones At A Rate Of 200K Per Day

The messaging wars are in full swing, and Waterloo-based Kik is still seeing tremendous positive growth despite trailing its rival WhatsApp in terms of total userbase size. The company revealed today

Albumatic Becomes, Aims To Build Hit Apps For Kik And Other Messengers

Photo-sharing startup Albumatic is announcing a new direction today, and a new name to match — it's now calling itself <a target="_blank" href=""></a>. Back in August, when

Kik Raises $19.5M Series B, Bets On Its Cards Platform Play To Take On WhatsApp And Others

Kik has raised a $19.5M Series B funding round, the company revealed today, led by Foundation Capital and including RRE Ventures, Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures. The Waterloo-based messaging

Kik Messenger Tops 50M Registered Users, Adding Over 200K Per Day As It Delivers In-App Push For Kik Cards

The messaging space is a hot one these days, and early player Kik is no exception. The Waterloo-based company announced today that its cross-platform messaging app now has over 50 million registered u

Facebook’s Mobile Platform Ambitions Come As Messaging Apps Gain Traction With Youth

Facebook is making an announcement this Thursday, and our own Josh Constine reports that at this event we'll see the company unveil its own slightly tweaked flavor of Android, to power select HTC smar

Kik Tops 2M Cards Users In One Week, Releases Reddit Card For Optimized Mobile Meme Sharing

Kik announced a fairly significant change in direction at the end of November, with the introduction of Kik Cards. Today, the company revealed to TechCrunch that over 2 million of its 30 million total

30M Users Strong, Kik Tries To Preserve Messaging Simplicity While Adding Features With Kik Cards

Waterloo-based mobile messaging app Kik, while immensely successful in its category, faced a problem: once you've nailed cross-platform messaging, and added group features, where do you go from there?

How Kik Survived The Group Messaging Wars And Built A Sweet Mobile App For Controlling TVs

If a consumer mobile fad comes and goes, and you don't play consolidation musical chairs, what do you do next? This is kind of what happened to Kik, a Canadian startup that took off with the explos

Kik’s Cross-Platform Messaging App Makes Its Public Debut On Symbian (Yes, Symbian)

<a href="">Kik</a>, the cross-platform messaging app that works on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, is today publicly launching on Symbian after a month of <a href="http

Kik Debuts New Symbian, Windows Phone Messaging Apps At Nokia World

<strong>Exclusive -</strong> <a href="">Kik</a> is today launching new <a href="">Symbian</a> and <a href="http://www.microsof

Why Kik Loves Windows Phone 7 (Spoiler: It Boosts Android And iOS User Growth)

<strong>Exclusive -</strong> Talk about a halo effect. <a href="">Kik</a>, a developer of cross-platform mobile communication apps, says something real

Inspiring: Kik Founder Donates $1M To Kickstart University of Waterloo Seed Fund

<img src="" /> The founder of messaging app <a href="">Kik</a>, 23-year-old entrepreneur <a href="

Mobile Messaging Startup Kik Raises $8M; Launches Group Chat And Photo Sharing

<img src="" class="shot2">Mobile messaging startup <a href="">Kik Interactive</a> has raised $8 million in Series A funding fr
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